Scraping the bottom of the Barrel

There are many times in life that we fall. Not always physically, although physical pain can cause our spirits to sag, but mentally when things don't go the way we plan. This past week has been one of those weeks in my life. Things that I thought (and prayed) would come to pass dissipated like video game pixels. Compounded by a fall while skiing with my son and damaging my tailbone, I was left in a bad place mentally.

"Nothing is going my way." I ranted and raved to the powers that be. The things that I wanted, counted on, to happen, I now have to wait for. Again. What have I done wrong? Why is the universe plotting against me?

It's nothing I've done. I've done my due diligence. I've edited and outlined. I've plotted and submitted. I've waited patiently and done all I can do. For now my future lies in someone else's hands--not always a great feeling. So what do I do in the meantime?

I write. I take care of myself. I heal (after regular doses of Advil, heat and cold my tailbone feels better and I can almost sit upright again!) and I don't get down on myself for all the things I cannot do to change things. I focus on the things I can change. The things I can do something about. I forge my way through life toward the goals I want to accomplish and take detours around the roadblocks.

Keep moving forward and always keep writing!


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