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Got an interesting opportunity yesterday:  To be a reader for my agent and check out other people's queries and first three chapters! The good news is, it was a real eye opener. For anyone worried about me stealing their ideas, have no fear. I have too many ideas of my own rolling around in my head!! I am, however, looking forward to reading for her again one day.

Aside from that, I am busy as always. Deja Vu is in its final edits. Just printed off a copy today so I can go over it with my fine toothed comb. I'm a lot more excited about Deja Vu than I am about The Bookstore Lady even, that's how much I've learned in my last year with my agent!

I had lunch with two great writing friends yesterday. One of them asked what I planned to do once Deja Vu was out the door. I told her I'd keep working on the next book. She said I should slow down and work on short stories or something different. Trust me, the next book IS different. Still a murder, actually two so far, but…
Even though Deja Vu was only 3/4 done, I took a chance to query it with my agent.
Signed the papers today! She's going to represent it!
Now I'm editing and writing like crazy to get it done and edited before I send it off to her this summer.

This, my dears, is only the beginning...