Got an interesting opportunity yesterday:  To be a reader for my agent and check out other people's queries and first three chapters! The good news is, it was a real eye opener. For anyone worried about me stealing their ideas, have no fear. I have too many ideas of my own rolling around in my head!! I am, however, looking forward to reading for her again one day.

Aside from that, I am busy as always. Deja Vu is in its final edits. Just printed off a copy today so I can go over it with my fine toothed comb. I'm a lot more excited about Deja Vu than I am about The Bookstore Lady even, that's how much I've learned in my last year with my agent!

I had lunch with two great writing friends yesterday. One of them asked what I planned to do once Deja Vu was out the door. I told her I'd keep working on the next book. She said I should slow down and work on short stories or something different. Trust me, the next book IS different. Still a murder, actually two so far, but more of a cozy mystery than Deja Vu. More details to follow when I get them all nailed down.

My other friend has struggled with writing "just the right thing." She says I am like the woman at a baby shower who gets pregnant with ease where as her friends who are not able to as easily. Ideas come easy to me. I am constantly in motion, constantly priming the well from where those ideas flow. Things DON'T always come easy. Sometimes I struggle, too. The difference is, I always have a plan B. There is always something on the back burner.

In art classes, I was told to never have more than one piece on the go at a time. Too much distraction. Apparently ADHD is my middle name. I thrive on distraction and chaos. The more chaotic, the harder I have to work to focus and make things work. I guess that's why I like the job I currently have more than working at a bank. Banks are repetitive. Working in a karate school - never the same day twice!

Okay, cat's out of the bag. I work in a karate school so guess where my next novel is set?

Yup. Let's go kill off some samurai...


  1. Really like the INK for All tool. Its dark mode really helps me stay focused. I’ve noticed a jump in my output. I thought I might let others know about it here


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