I'm mellltttinnnngggggg.....

What a crazy hot summer this year and it's only the fifth of July! Friends in the US were without power for days, we're trying to stay out of the sun because it's been around 40C for the past few days. Great reason to hunker down in a little coffee shop and write - if only!

This next two weeks we have company from out of province. Where we should be wandering the province and sightseeing, everyone prefers to lie low and keep cool. Fine for me, I still have to be at work early in the afternoon anyway. And there's air-conditioning!

I did get Deja Vu finished and off to my agent. Just when I thought I'd take some time off from writing, along comes a whole new story. A story about samurai and poison and greed. If that doesn't get you, the protagonist washes her hands of the whole situation only to be dragged back in kicking and screaming. At least I have something to dabble with while I sit in a coffee shop to write. Still waiting for that chance.

I've enjoyed getting to read other people's query letters and first 3 chapters courtesy of Dawn. I also have the opportunity to read a new novel for a good friend of mine. Harry Posner has written a book of poetry, a great novel "Charivari" and books about writing. He is also a spoken-word poet who's voice is totally captivating! Check this You Tube video out for a look at Harry in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTfeBQSp1Bw  The short of my story is: I can't wait to read his new novel!

Still waiting for another round of edits or news about The Bookstore Lady and now Deja Vu.

I think I'll enjoy summer while I wait.


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