A New Fan

What an interesting day today.
My husband got a phone call yesterday from a friend of ours named Tim who wanted two copies of Murder on Manitou. He said he would stop by today to pick them up. When he showed up, he had a woman with him, his mom. She had seen my book advertised in In The Hills magazine (http://www.inthehills.ca/2012/11/current/theyear-in-books-2012/) and really wanted to read it. She searched Chapters website, Amazon.ca and other sites hoping to come across it.
No luck.
She showed the magazine to her son who started to laugh and said, "Hey! I know her!"
Today, he brought his mom over to meet me and get her two copies of my book. How fun to meet someone I didn't know who bought my book just because she wanted to buy it. Not because she was a friend or relative. (No disrespect to anyone else!)
I have to say, it really made my day!

What else made my day?

Hanging out with friends for the last meeting of the Headwaters Writers' Guild this afternoon and hearing Nancy's short story that has evolved to the point it evoked tears from nearly everyone.

Going to my friend Amanda's Stampin' Creations Open House and finding Chocolate Strawberry Jam and some lovely gift tags she'd made. Then walking back to my car in the falling snow, jittery from coffee and happy to have spent time with someone who makes me smile.

Coming home to eat chicken wings and watch the 100th Grey Cup game with hubby and kids.

Being this close to having my latest edits done; having already met my challenge for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) last weekend, I'm now at 54,000 words; and preparing to finish off the novel I was working on before NaNo.

Oh, and finishing the Karate Manual for The Orangeville Dojo! Can't wait to get those copies up for sale!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!


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