Exactly one month since my last post. At least I'm consistent!
Very busy gearing up for a big karate event at work so I've let a few things slip like checking emails and updating my blog.

On the writing scene, I'm still waiting for the last of the first seven publishers to give either thumbs up or thumbs down on The Bookstore Lady. What's a writer to do while they wait? Karate, of course. Kidding!

A draft of my latest manuscript Four Possessions is now finished and off to one reader. I will seek others next week. Just when I think I'd take a week off and focus on other things, I decided to help my oldest son job hunt. While he went and handed out resumes, I ended up writing. Book 2 in what has suddenly become a series. I had a title picked out but then this character came along and has changed everything. Now I'm a bit adrift and he's taken over and the body's been found...

So much for my hiatus. It's funny how characters have a way of taking over and changing what you thought would be an easy, peasy little murder mystery. Nope. Cue one hunk with a sword and all bets are off!


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