Summer's End

There have been a few ends occurring this summer.

Firstly, my oldest leaves for University next weekend. While we'll definitely miss him, we will have many opportunities to see him between now and Christmas with all of our karate activities. It's going to be strange packing him up to move into his dorm for the next 8 months!

Secondly, my mom lost a good friend of hers this past weekend. Marjorie was 92 years old, nearly 30 years my mom's senior. The two met while Marjorie's husband and my grandma were in the nursing home. Both mom and Marjorie were there every day to help with meals and struck up a wonderful friendship that saw them both through their losses over the past twenty-three years. I will always be grateful for Marjorie being there to help my mom deal with her grief and wish with all my heart I could be there now to help Mom through the loss of such a dear friend. They kept each other young and active!

Thirdly, the loss of a lady I knew briefly but who made an impact on my life. Jill gave me a job when I was desperate and told such vivid stories of her life that she helped spark my own stories. A mom of four, she had already lost two of her daughters before I met her and suffered hardships I could never imagine. She also drove a convertible and a motorbike! Courageous, vivacious and a fighter to the end, Jill passed away from cancer on Monday. From her, I take the message to live my life doing what I love and to roll with the punches.

Where there are ends, there are always new beginnings. New lives, like the baby boy my friend Dawn gave birth to last week. My nephew who turns 1 tomorrow. The kittens Tammy's cat just had.

My new beginnings are editing Four Possessions to get off to my agent, joining in a blog tour or two, and focusing on healing my body and soul to carry on with the writing I love.



  1. I followed Margaret Tanner's link to the round-robin post. Nice perusing your site.


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