It's been a bit of a crazy weekend. We took Thing 1, aka our oldest son, off to University.
Up until Friday, I was scurrying around getting things packed, making sure he has what he needed, working, and writing. Then came the trip home yesterday. Long and quiet. Exhaustion had taken over. In need of a distraction, I read all the way home, Rachel Brimble's A Man Like Him. (Review to come soon!)
Today I'm cleaning and getting the other kids ready for school. Trying to not be a smothering mom to my 18 year old who just wants to be left alone to check out his new world. At least he has a roommate who is also athletic and has a great sense of humour. They should get along well! Like every mom, I just want to know he's eating well and happy.
Thing 2 brought along the manuscript of Four Possessions to read on the road trip. According to him, it's one of the best he's ever read and I'd better get it edited and printed soon. Love having such encouraging fans. At least with everyone back to school soon, I will have the time to sit and finish edits and all the accessories I have to send to my agent.
Sorry, a bit of rambling today. Just trying to get my head and everything else in order. A bit of clean up before I get down to work tomorrow. Speaking of which, time to change loads of laundry. The once constant in life.
Happy Labour Day weekend!


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