On Air Book Review and a Fear of Success

After the March 22 book signing at BookLore, I was approached by Ann Moyer from Mix 88.1 in Erin, Ontario. Ann had found my book in BookLore, enjoyed it and wanted to do an on-air book review on her radio spot on April 2, 2014. In order to prepare her piece, she and I sat down together in my kitchen for a one hour interview about me, my books, my writing, and a bit about what she would say in her review.
I do have the review recorded, but am someone technically challenged. I will have it online as soon as I can figure out how!

One of her questions that struck me was "Did you write this with turning it into a movie in mind?"
I'm sure there are some writers out there who wouldn't want to see their work on the big screen. Hollywood has a habit of changing things to fit their time frames, but turning books into movies have done great things to get many authors' names out to the general public. While there are many cases of the movies not meeting the high standards of readers, in many cases the viewers of movies can turn to the book later for more details and richness in the world they've had the pleasure to visit.

Another question she asked regarded why I ebbed and flowed in my writing, not doing as much to get my books into print years ago. With three kids, lack of time is always an excuse. One thing I do remember from years ago is having a fear of success. I had babies in the house and was afraid I might be good enough to become successful and I would have to leave them to do book tours and travel without them.

Looking back, my fears stifled my writing creativity. I could have taken classes back then, worked on my editing skills, prepared myself and my work. But, and I truly believe this: It wasn't my time.

Over the past ten years, I've been able to do more writing, have stories and novels coming out of my ears, closet, drawers, whatever...and have developed the confidence to dive right in and not care if I fail or succeed. We all want success, we all want a job well done, but it doesn't rip my heart out any more if I get a rejection or someone gives me a bad review. I've developed a thicker skin thanks to critiques by Beta readers and others.

The one piece of advice I would give other writers, photographers, martial artists, anyone pursuing anything they are passionate about is DON'T GIVE UP!! Even when things look miserable and the world seems against you, keep going and give it all you've got.


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