Awaking like Sleeping Beauty

        Those close to me will know the struggles I've been through over the past few years with health, marriage, work, etc. I'm not going to dwell on those. They are water under the bridge at the moment. Live does, unbelievably, go on!

Over the summer my youngest and I moved into a basement apartment, which was a bit depressing at first after living in a much larger home. I bought some paint. Had a friend create some colorful throw pillows. Set up cozy bedrooms, a real office space, and a living room that's become a multipurpose space where pretty much anything goes - video games, movie nights, dinner, friends hanging out, a guest room, and so on. Our new home has gone from a dungeon of sorts, to a comfortable retreat.

I've been working at Tim Horton's part time since last December and recently started full time. Yes, it's been hard on my physically some days, but it's also made me stronger both mentally and physically. I can leave my stress behind. I have made many new friends. The regulars miss me when I have a day off. I get to see the best and the worst of my fellow human beings. I've witnessed so many random acts of kindness it's rare to come home without a story to tell!

And I'm proud of what I do. Anyone who talks down someone in the service industry has no idea the thoughtlessness we endure - or the appreciation we receive when we make it through a snowstorm to get to work just so you and others can get your morning cup of coffee to make you a better person. I have always loved to make people happy with both my writing and my presence and find a great peace when I can make a difference in someone's day just by being thoughtful and doing my job.

I'm also taking on a second job. Crazy, I know.
I've taken a part-time job working in the box office of our local theatre and I'm so excited! More people to help and meet, more fun to be had. And I get free tickets to every show. What a treat!

My writing is still very important to me. I'm working on a new book called Steeped in Trouble which I hope to send to my agent in another month or so. With any luck, it should come out in 2017.

This book, and one other not-so-secret project I've been working on, are the start of my reawakening.

Yes, my life looks very different to what it was only 14 months ago.
But so do I. Inside and out.
As things calm down and I find my energy returning, I am back to working on my Life Coach training and plan to hand in my next assignment soon. I want to be a presence to help other women regain control of their lives and be an inspiration.

I have a  great quote in a frame that I've kept by my bed for years. It now sits on the desk in my office.

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others
cannot keep it from themselves.

This has been my inspiration for the past two years.
This is the concept that keeps me going on the darkest days as I put one foot in front of the other and move on.

Watch for more inspiration and writing news!



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