Round Robin Blog Post Sept 23 2017

Hi ho! Welcome back to another Round Robin Blog Fest! This month's topic:

This month's topic: What characters in other author's books have not left your mind? Have written a character who wouldn't leave you? Why do you think this happens?

Earlier this year I was introduced to a novel called "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski. A bizarre book that takes a reader on several different story line all in one compact 705 page novel. Of all the characters in that book one has haunted me for months afterward. The character of Johnny Tremaine. While the structure of the book is unconventional, there are varying fonts, page layouts, and images, it is the footnotes of the book that unravel Johnny's story. An apprentice in a tattoo shop, he starts off a relatable, just another kid with problems. He goes from an everyday assuming punk kid who follows a descent to madness.

Of my own characters, Leo Blue is the one who hangs around the most. He started off as a sidekick to Danny Walker in my Wild Blue Mysteries and gradually took over his own role as a leading man in The Bakery Lady and will appear once more in my latest work in progress, The Painted Lady.

Leo emerged from the wild side of me that longed to say what was on my mind no matter the consequences. He is also the kind of person who does as he pleases. No family. No one to worry about but himself. He is free to work as he chooses and run off to other parts of the world when life gets him down. A loner, just like Johnny Tremaine, Leo does his best without giving up anything to anyone.
Until he meets Christina Davidson, that is...

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Diane Bator
A.J. Maguire
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Rhobin Courtright


  1. 705 pages is compact? Wow. But the story and character sound intriguing. I think your character Leo Blue also sounds very interesting.

  2. Based on my personal experience and other blogs in this month's hop, I'm wondering how many of the worlds most beloved characters began as sidekicks to someone else in an earlier book and blossomed into someone even more memorable in their own.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed The Bakery Lady! I'm with Rhobin in that I wouldn't call 705 pages compact! Sounds like an interesting read though.

  4. Interesting how a secondary character can "take over" and become a main character sometimes!

  5. Haven't heard of "House of Leaves" but it sounds interesting and learning the character through footnotes is innovative.

  6. Hi Diane, I do love to find a book with a quirky layout from time to time. The story told by the footnotes shows how multi-layered life can be. Glad you also have a secondary who stepped up. anne


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