Happy New Year!!

 It's been a really crazy 2018 for me. As well as working full time at the theatre:
  • I've met a wonderful man who has taken me on some fun adventures, including a couple trips to Niagara Falls.
  • I've been able to meet my son's girlfriend and shared Christmas with all of my kids.
  • December 23, I had an MRI on my knee to see what sort of damage was inside.
  • December 27, my doctor called to say she is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon due to the amount of damaged cartilage.
  • December 31, enjoying the last day of the year with my kids, cats and my honey.
What's coming in 2019?
  • I'll be submitting the first book for a whole new series in February to Books We Love. Sandstone Cove Mysteries features a former model, her hippie sister, and an English Sheepdog puppy with a taste for socks.
  • My agent Dawn Dowdle will be shopping around a new series for me starting in January called A.J. Cadell Mysteries. No hints for this one just yet!!
  • My next work in progress will be the FINAL book in my Gilda Wright series:  Dead Without Shame. Gilda will test for her black belt in karate and possibly choose between Mick and Kane...
  • After that, the sky is the limit!
Happy New Year!! May 2019 bring love and happiness to you all!



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