The Count Down is ON!

Two Weeks to Go!

I've had issues with my right knee since I twisted it several years ago. It was a struggle and took a lot of doctor appointments to start getting "back on my feet," but I did it. Last July while on holidays with my brother and his wife, we did some hiking, rode mountain bikes (on an flat course) which was something I never thought I'd be able to do again!

Then came a walk up the hill and along the smooth, fresh asphalt. One moment of inattention and I fell straight down on to my knee cap. At least I left my mark at my brother's new house...

A lot of blood and a very angry wound later, and I was back to limping. Yippee.
I figured it was just a flesh wound and slowed down a little but kept on walking. I even went on dates and a few days after my injury, I met a man who loved to be outdoors and as active as me. M and I kept on hiking and ate at some great restaurants.

Eventually, I realized my knee wasn't healing properly.
Off to the doctor who carefully examined it. When she turned it slightly, I nearly leaped off the table. Her diagnosis was immediate:  Torn meniscus. 
My next step: MRI, possibly surgery.

Yikes!!  So off I went. My MRI was December 23 and my doctor called me in person on December 27 to ask if I would give her permission to send me to the Orthopedic Surgeon. I didn't even hesitate. Yes, some things can be healed more naturally, and I had tried over the past 6 months. Surgery was the only way I am going to get back on my feet.

I saw the Surgeon January 21 and was immediately scheduled for surgery Feb 27 with Pre-Op tomorrow, Feb 13. 
It took a few days for that to sink in! Everything had happened so fast from the MRI to now. 
While the flesh wound has healed to a large purple scar, the inside needs a little bit of help to get cleaned up. The Surgeon will do arthroscopic surgery to dig in and clean up the tear as well as some damaged cartilage. I've booked a couple weeks off work to heal and even have my mom coming to help as well as my son and my honey, M, who has been an amazing support! 

I'm so looking forward to taking care of my injury and healing.
I'll keep you all posted!


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