Today's the Day!

Three hours from now I will be at the hospital, walking into ambulatory care for my surgery. No food or drink since midnight so I'm getting hungry, but I'm distracting myself with writing and tidying up before my mom comes on Friday. Like the surgeon told me when we first met, "It's not cancer."

If you have no idea what arthroscopic surgery is--and I certainly didn't before the past two months!--I found a couple of great videos. No blood or gore, just computer generated images. If you surf around on YouTube, you can find many versions. This one, from WebMD, is my favorite:

As for me today, I'm getting the house ready for my return and know my cats know something is up since they just won't leave me alone lately! They'll be happy to have me  home for the next two weeks.

Once surgery is over today, I see food in my future.
Definitely coffee and a bottle or two of water!
And I'll get to hang out with my sweetie for a couple days. Someone has to make sure I stay out of trouble!

While I'm recovering, I'll be working on my newest book. And putting my feet up.
Looking forward to both!

I'll let you know how it all goes...


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