Two Days to Go!

Only TWO days left until my arthroscopic knee surgery!

I lay awake last night wondering how my surgery will go, how I will sleep during recovery, if I'll have a lot more pain compared to know...
In the end, I went to sleep looking forward to being able to walk around the lake with my honey again and doing crazy things like biking and skating. Crazy because I haven't been able to do either in years! I was completely thrilled to be able to ride a bike in July with my brother, sister in law and youngest son. Twenty-five kilometers along an old train track in Kelowna. What a rush!

This, and Advil, have been my best friends for the past seven months. I know I'll need it for a while during recovery, but will be more than happy to retire it! 

I've heard wonderful things about the surgeon as well as the surgery which also gives me added confidence. An added benefit is that part of my recovery time will be spent with my mom catering to my every whim. Ha! Kidding!! But I will be happy to have her here to help me while Marcel is at work and my son is at school.

Soon I'll be able to get back on my feet and lose some of the weight that has piled on over the past few months. Number one, from not being as active as before, and Number two, from having a sweet boyfriend who is a terrific cook! How can I say no to such good food?

Off to work for two more days....


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