Round Robin Blog Fest April 27 2019

Round Robin Blog Fest April 27

I'm off and running today. Going to check out the college my youngest will attend this fall. Hopefully, I'll catch up with everyone soon! 

At some point spring will arrive in Southern Ontario. Just when we think it's sprung, we get hit with snow and/or freezing rain. Suitable since this month's Round Robin Blog is:

Does the season every play a part in your setting? How do you think seasons affect setting and plot either physically or metaphorically? 

Yes, the seasons have definitely played a part in a few of my novels. I think, metaphorically, the seasons evoke different emotions in readers. Spring is about rebirth, new life, and growth. Summer always feels more laid back and we all look forward to trips to the beach, camping, and a change of scenery. Fall is about back to school, chillier days, ripened fruit and getting ready for winter hibernation. Winter...who in their right mind wants to be outside when they can curl up in front of a crackling fire reading? Lol! But that makes for a dull book.

I have set a couple of my novels in the late fall/winter months. The Bakery Lady is set at Christmas and emotes thoughts of family and tradition:

   The snow crunched beneath her feet on the sidewalk that led to Main Street. When she rounded the corner, she paused, dazzled by the lights and the carolers who wove between the throng of window shoppers and children.

   “Merry Christmas.” A small, stooped man patted her arm. Father Sam. The former priest had retired from the church long before Christina had left Packham. There were many euphemisms used, but the basic story was he talked to a plastic statue that resided on his lawn year round.
   “Merry Christmas,” she said, more out of respect than anything.
   “Hope you’ve been a good girl this year.” His blue eyes crinkled as he smiled. “I’ll bet Santa has a great surprise in store for you.”
   What was she supposed to say? Sorry Father, I’ve had some personal problems and I need a do-over this year.
   “I’m so sorry about your mom, my dear.” He took her hand, his fingers icy and red. “She was a true gift from God. I miss her smile and her hot cross buns.”
   “Thank you.” Christina grasped his fingers then gasped. “Where are you gloves, Father? You’re freezing.”
   He blinked. “Oh, somewhere. Probably at home.”
   She pulled her gloves from her pocket and slid them onto his hands. “Take mine. I’m still warm from being in the bakery all day anyway.”
   Father Sam stared, first at her then down at the gloves. “Bless you, my dear. You have always had a good heart, just like your mother, bless her precious soul. I promise I will get these back to you very soon.”
   “No rush. Just stay warm.” Christina walked away, her heart heavy.

The Painted Lady is set in the spring for a couple of reasons. Mostly because, it follows The Bakery Lady as Christina Davidson grows and begins a new life that isn't without its rainy days. Secondly, she has a secret that 

The month of April came in like a lamb, mild and warm, and by mid-month she already had a light tan to show for it. She spent several days scrubbing every inch of Daisy’s Bakery until everything shone. Her mom, who’d died of cancer in September, would have been proud. Of the bakery, anyway. For now, Christina was stuck in Packham running the bakery and taking care of her dad. So much for her dream of running off to paint.

Salo had offered her that opportunity. She could travel the world with him and paint in cities she’d only dreamed of and visit galleries she could only explore via the Internet. They already had a past together, was a future so hard to imagine?

My latest series will also begin with Book 1 taking place in late November into early December. AJ Cadell is discovering secrets about family - isn't that what the holidays are all about? Family, I mean! The first two books will take place before, then during Christmas while she learns more and more about the secrets in her past. 

And now my dear friends, please check out what my fellow writers have to say...

And check out my latest novel - All That Sparkles


  1. That's very powerful characterization. In a few words, you've brought two people to life, using the freezing cold as the device.

  2. Enjoyed you excerpts! The seasons certainly helped define the character's thoughts and actions.

  3. Curling up with a good book definitely fits the winter, but as you point out so well in your example, winter adds to the description, not just of the scene but what's going in in the people.

  4. I like your concept of having a second book follow the first by the seasons.

  5. Good examples from your books and I liked the idea of having your books follow the seasons. Beverley

  6. Diane, loved your excerpts from your novels. I enjoyed the way the seasons helped define the character's thoughts.


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