Facing an Empty Nest and (Hopefully) and end to Tests

Summer is taking a long time to arrive here. It's been cool and damp all spring with only the odd day of sunshine.

In the midst of finishing my draft of Book #9 and the start of summer vacation, my youngest son graduates from high school. It's been just he and I for the past three years since his older brother moved out and went to college. His oldest brother has lived 4 hours away for several years now. They have all become amazing young men and I'm excited to see what life holds in store for them.

So now, as I told a friend today, it will just be me and two cats. Apparently, I'm not officially a crazy cat lady until I have three cats, so I'm holding off on making that leap. I'm not ready for three fur babies just yet.

What I do have, are my books, my ideas for building my writing career and filling a few shelves with my own novels. I also have a great partner who encourages me every step of the way and attends a lot of writing events with me. I'm even getting him to take pictures now and then!

I still work full-time, which once my house is empty will get me out and around people. Meeting people and walking around town always inspires me. I've ended up with some great pictures and a whole shelf full of ideas to work on.

Over the next week, I have a series of medical tests to go through. Pulmonary assessments, endoscopy, colonoscopy, then... Life will change regardless of the outcome. Gluten and dairy-free will become a way of life - no cheating or I'll be sick all over again. I've decided I kind of like being able to walk and am tired of the stairs being a challenge everyday. I also like being able to breathe without puffers and not feel sick to my stomach or have swollen joints all the time.

So that's it.
This summer, my health comes first.
As well as getting my son ready for college...
Plus spending time with my honey...
And a thorough edit of Book 9...
Maybe even writing a new book...
It's going to be a good summer!

In other news:
I'm looking forward to building my writing career as well as adding some guest spots to my blog and finding some awesome writers for you to read. Watch for that this fall!

In the meantime, I'll pop on here from time to time and give you a taste of what's to come.
I'll also have to find a way to incorporate this cute little chair into everything
Gotta love garage sales!


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