Diane Bator talks about "The Bakery Lady"

Merry Christmas!
I really didn't anticipate such a great response to this blog idea when I started. I love that we have a full roster for the next couple months and am always open to hearing from other writers!

Today, however, it's my turn.

 Right now I'm writing murder mysteries, but have also written some YA stories that I will have published one day. While I do enjoy a good mystery, I do enjoy a variety of novels and short stories. I've even started to read some romance novels written by friends. The one genre I can't see myself attempting is Erotica, it's just not something I'm interested in writing or reading.

I love a good hero! They seem to come to me far easier than heroines or even villains, of course that can vary from story to story. They are far from perfect, but are always there to try to save the day.

My heroes tend to blindside me. Just when I think I have a good story, a hero will appear out of the page and try to control the way I think the story should go. In my Wild Blue Mysteries, Leo Blue was a background character in The Bookstore Lady and by The Bakery Lady, he'd taken over as a leading man!

My heroines are all around me. All my characters are composites of people I know, people I hear about in the news, and people I hear about from other people. I never base one character on any one person. I am blessed to have many strong women in my life who have had to overcome adversity. I love writing about both their strengths and weaknesses.

In writing mysteries, there can appear to be more than one antagonist. They are all people with their own agendas, but the one who ends up being the villain is usually the person who won't let anyone stand in their way without making them an obvious villain. Just as a protagonist isn't perfect, a good antagonist needs a blend of good and bad and can even win over a reader until their true colors shine through.

My latest release will be released by Books We Love Ltd in the New Year! It is called Dead Without Shame. Gilda Wright, Mick Williams, and Kane Garrick are back and this time someone is out to get Happy, owner of Happy Harvey’s Hangover Hut! You'll have to read the mystery to find out what’s going in Sandstone Cove this time.

Right now I am also doing edits on the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo this year (also known as National Novel Writing Month.) A character I’d written in a novella a few years ago makes her big debut in “Drop Dead Cowboy.” Keep your ears open for the release date! 

The Bakery Lady

Wild Blue Mysteries, Book 3

From the moment Leo Blue meets the local tattoo artist's sister Christina, he's drawn into a web of bread dough and lies. Christina Davidson has returned to Packham with a duffle bag full of secrets. Leo soon discovers her biggest secret is Christina's alter ego and her husband, who stands accused of murdering an up-and-coming artist. He promises to help set things straight and plans to bring husband and wife together for Christmas—even if it costs him his sanity and the love of his life.

"I could visualize that bookstore, smell the coffee and pastries, and see the colorful characters. This book has lots of twists and turns, and I never knew who to trust, all the way to the end. I'll look for future books by this author." ~ Paul Carr

The Painted Lady

Wild Blue Mysteries, Book 4

Leo Blue can't escape Packham nor the life of a private detective no matter how hard he tries. Six months after the murder of artist DJ Gage, the prices of Gage's paintings soar. When a forgery is discovered in the local art gallery and a woman winds up dead, Leo not only has to find a murderer and a forger, but deal with a man who came to town seeking the wife he thinks abandoned him.
The pieces of Christina Davidson's life have built up into place over the past few months, despite the one last secret she's trying hard to hide. When Leo Blue returns to town then Brady Ryan shows up, her carefully constructed walls begin to crumble and the only people who can help her now are the men of the Wild Blue Detective Agency.

Join me next weekend for a taste of Christmas from The Bakery Lady...


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