J. M. Tibbott talks about The Arrival and The Healers

Escape with a Writer Sunday welcomes J.M. Tibbott!

                                                              I’m delighted to appear in Diane Bator’s Blogspot  this Sunday as her featured author. You may ask, who the heck is J. M. Tibbott and how does she know Diane?

My Pseudonym
J. M. Tibbott is my pseudonym, of which I’ve become rather fond. My legal name is Marilyn J. Kleiber, under which I have published a collection of short stories, encompassing, humor, horror and a teeny bit of romance.

The day came for me to put hand hands to keyboard and produce a novel, which I had been threatening to do for a number of years.  My challenge was that my legal name just didn’t suit the myth/fantasy I had in mind. The initials J.M. are simply my legal ones reversed, so I can still introduce myself as Marilyn. The surname was  a bit more challenging. I finally settle on Tibbott, which was my grandmother's maiden name, is Welsh and you will see as I explain further, entirely appropriate.

As to my friend Diane - we are fellow authors who belong to the same writing group.

My bio
I was educated in a British School system in South Africa, which stressed the use of proper grammar and spelling, and, also, we received the benefit of elocution.

When I arrived in Canada, I failed my first spelling test. When I presented the marked up paper to my parents they were astounded, because all the words I’d spelled were correct. A meeting between my mother and my teacher, revealed the challenge.  I could not understand the Canadian accent.  Imagine what might have happened if I begun school in the Bronx or in the deep south of the US. Luckily my teacher worked with me to explain the differences in pronunciations by Canadians.

I loved writing, and from the age of ten, wrote plays which my sister and I performed, insisting my parents paid a penny to attend our performances.

I have been writing ever since, and now, if I could not write, I could not breathe.

Who inspired me
The biggest inspiration was my Grade 12 English Teacher, Miss Izzard. She was a true lover of the English language, and encouraged me to enter the public speaking contest and the writing contest in high school. I won both. She fostered my love of Shakespeare, and when I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend whose father acted at Stratford, I saw some of the best performers in a variety of plays, and even had the opportunity to stand on the stage of the main theatre. 

Work in Progress
I am currently writing my fourth novel in The Pridden Saga, and each book adds to the fun.  Book One was called The Arrival, Book Two, The Healers, Book Three (which is being released at the end of this month) The Warriors, and Book Four (the title is still under wraps) is my current work.

Some of the Books and Authors I read for Pleasure  ( I have very catholic tastes)
Anything written by:

Terry Fallis,  Terry Pratchett,  Brad Smith,  Gerald Durrell,  J. K. Rowling
Isaac Asimov, Dick Francis,  Bryce Courtney,  Anne McCaffrey,   Peter Bayer,  Lawrence Sanders, Agatha Christie (even though she cheats),
Robert Rotenberg,  Oscar Wilde — and these are just the few of my favorites

Research for my work

I use Cornish/English, Welsh/English and Maori/English dictionaries for names of people, places, geographical information and fauna. (but written phonetically)

In my current series, I’ve had to research: tapestry making, weaving, horsemanship (even though I do ride) sailing, animals, travel, wine making, architecture, gems,

For research I use the internet, books I already possess, my own photos and travel memories, travel agency information, and used book stores.

Difficult piece to write.

Because I’m a plotter not a pantser writer, I do not encounter writer’s block, but occasionally wonder about how to handle a particular piece of action. I am curious, and therefore, have done many different things, travelled to many countries, and attempted many sports. Thus, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon. But generally the things I find difficult to write are personal happenings that affected me emotionally.

Twitter     :  @marilynkleiber

The Arrival: The Pridden Saga: Book One 

“What happens when a solitary but brilliant video game designer is thrust into an unfamiliar world? Offered a chance to return home if she will help save the inhabitants from the winds of war, Kat must decide what risks she will take and what restrictions she is willing to accept. Beset by bizarre and ferocious creatures, narrow minded social mores, seductively erotic men, and with no idea who is friend or foe, she must wend her way through a minefield of challenges. Can she do it?”

The Healers: The Pridden Saga: Book Two
“The journey continues as Kat wends her way among the spiritual healers of Shendea, but encounters heart-stopping challenges from a ferocious cathnog and unknown and violent strangers. Still tasked with the demand by Eduardo of Kaylin to help Pridden avoid a devastating war, but without clear instructions, she is escorted by her mysterious guide, Mouse, and the glorious big cat, Shade.
Despite her tendency to blunder through peculiar customs, she is astonished by a Thieves’ Guild who do not steal, a Magicians’ Guild who demonstrate no magic, and learns to sidestep the wiles of the alluring Rifellans. How will she keep her word to help Lord Rhognor, and still return safely to her own world?”


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