Happy Easter from Escape with a Writer Sunday!


I decided to do something a little different this weekend. Usually, I feature a single author for my readers to learn about. Today, I want to thank all of you. 
To the authors for being a part of this blog.
To the readers for hopefully checking out some new-to-you authors.
My warmest wishes for a Happy Easter to you all!

Buying our books and leaving us reviews is a part of what keeps us all writing. That and it's in our blood. We can't imagine a world without books, stories, and writers. As much as we love to hate reviews - especially those trolls who drop a one-star review loaded with negativity for no other reason than they can - those reviews are a necessary part of bringing our books to the attention of other readers.

So is word of mouth!

If you enjoy a book, tell your friends, tell your mom, heck tell the WORLD! We love to see posts and reviews from people who truly enjoy what we do. Even if we didn't write your all-time favorite novel, try to say something nice.

In this time of being sheltered in place or self-isolated, books are a large part of how we can enjoy the world and explore without stepping outside our front door. 

So. This Easter here is a special gift for everyone. A list of all of my Escape with a Writer Sunday authors with their links so you can check out their books. Plus a couple of bonus authors who will appear soon!

Please visit our sites. Buy our books. Show us all some love by following us on social media, Goodreads, and places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Wherever you find out books!

Stay safe and healthy!

Escape With a Writer Authors

*for a little extra, click on the Books We Love (BWL) Author links as well! 

Winston Kincade
Diane Scott Lewis (BWL Author)
Joanie MacNeil (BWL Author)
Robert Marsh 
Tricia McGill  (BWL Author)
M.J. Moores 
Maggie Petru
Vijaya Schartz   (BWL Author)
Reed Stirling  (BWL Author)
Karla Stover  (BWL Author)
Skye Taylor 
J.M. Tibbott
Juliet Waldron   (BWL Author)


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