Leila Ziari reveals debut poetry collection Love Poems to a Poet


Welcome to a wonderful poet, Leila Ziari!

 Leila Ziari is an Independent Author, Poet and Artist that shoots for the moon with every drop of ink to obtain a link to the reality within a glimpse of accentuating stars. In February 2020 she published her first collection of poetry, Love Poems To A Poet: 111 Poems of Eternal Love, Passion and Desire. She reveals a shiny soul, transformed, timeless, resplendent. With words contrived from the stardust of our immortal spirits she is a poet who evolves with the tides of existence. Ziari currently lives, loves, and creates in Marin County California.

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What would you say are your strengths as an author? 

I think my greatest strength as an author is the strength of my connection with myself, my soul, with subtle energies and my self-awareness. My ability to tune in allows me to tap into myself, experience emotions fully, dissect the feelings of the collective consciousness and the eternal soul of the universe. It’s my openness to explore the realms of the infinite, go inwards, expand, evolve, rummage around the depths of soul and heal whilst infinitely seeking to learn and experience new truths and pathways that fuel my creative spirit. My gift is that I use my words to paint a picture of our true nature which is beautiful creatures of limitless potential and unconditional love and express that through artistry.

How often do you write, and do you write using a strict routine?

I write as often as I am guided to or compelled to from my soul. Sometimes I will tap into a stream of consciousness and flow on that for a multitude of poems and come up with 10 poems in a day or two, other times just one piece comes out a week. Then there are those gaps when I don’t write for weeks at a time.

I personally feel that it’s important to take breaks to shift your energy and perspective, so that you can tap into other pools of inspiration and get into a different flow. Love Poems To A Poet was written in 5 months, but was realistically all this one continuous stream of consciousness within that time period. Since then, I like to switch it up which means there are gaps in my writing.

I don’t like nor believe in setting a strict schedule for anything in life. Some weeks I sit on the beach everyday which will reflect upon my writing. At times, I am in another form of creative flow and want to immerse myself in the piano or a painting.  Other times my mind is engaged in new business ventures which leaves me in an energetic space that doesn’t nurture my emotions as much. What I mean is there are endless energetic spaces to visit, creative sparks and new things to learn, so where I may end up at any instance is wholeheartedly left to the pull of my spirit.

Realistically, I think it’s utterly mad to set a schedule for your writing because writing for me comes from my soul and as an entity residing in this human body, I cannot guess nor would I like to assume how I will feel in any given day, week nor moment. I go with the flow, I implicitly am guided by my emotions and experiences whilst writing and a schedule would be more than detrimental to the authenticity of my expression. To me a life unlived is a life mapped out, to live is to surrender to the unknown, the spontaneity of existence and allow that to manifest in a form of art.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself as a writer?

With a multitude of books that reside in households all over this fine earth with my words entwined in the spirits of humans all throughout the nation assisting in the shifting of their perspectives. I just want to be seen, to be felt through my words and to touch as many people as possible with the creative expression of my soul.  Of course I have goals and aspirations as a writer, as a creator beyond that, but I’ll surrender that to the universe fully, enjoy the ride and encourage you to see for yourself where it all takes me.

If you could offer once piece of advice to a novice writer, what would it be?

Believe in yourself, love yourself and be your own greatest support system. I’m a novice writer myself, technically, in the physical realms, but in truth writing is a gift from our souls and we all house the infinite potential to create beautiful pieces of art with that. So, my best advice would be just stick to it, go easy on yourself, be kind to yourself, and don’t compete with other people. Be inspired by others, but don’t compare. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process and accept challenges with gratitude, honour your emotions and use them to fuel your artistry. Tune into yourself, for in truth all the answers you seek lie within yourself. You can be your own best friend or worst enemy, so love yourself, cherish yourself and be the voice of inspiration and motivation you so deserve. Don’t over analyze or over criticize, it’s a beautiful journey and to witness yourself evolve as a writer as time goes by is truly a blessing. Most importantly, know that you can and will always succeed so long as you believe in yourself.

What would you consider to be the best compliment a reader could give your book?

I love to hear that I touched someone's soul or challenged a belief they had within themselves that wasn’t serving them. That I made them shift their perspective or caused an internal breakthrough towards some deeper truth or knowing. To me, as an artist the greatest gift is to know that your words stirred something within someone so that they could further their own journey. I want every living entity to thrive, to heal and be the best versions of themselves, to be so in love with themselves, with life and unlock all those hidden truths within, letting their soul roam wild. If my words or my essence can be the catalyst for someone's personal growth then I am in sheer bliss about that.

What are you working on now?

I am working on a few books. Complete and Utter Madness: Poetic Philosophies of Existence will likely be my next published book. I had once hoped that I would finish this in 2020, but it’s shaping up to be a very in depth look at existence, which is a vast topic and rather profound, so it will be done when it’s done. A lot of the poems come with my own growth and lessons, so I just wait and tune in to when the poems should be written. They are all started, a lot are finished, most are 4+ pages long and all are thought provoking. It is a book of the ascension of humanity, tying in the spirit realms to our physical reality and tapping into what I believe existence to be. Dissecting the soul, emotions, behavioral patterns and societal conditioning. It’s like a mixture of philosophy, my own experience and spiritual guidance. You will find it sometime in 2021, when I know, I’ll share that with you.

I have a couple of other books in the works and poems get written and filed into those categories as they are born as well. Definitely another book of love poems will soon be finished and the rest will remain a mystery until it is time to reveal them.

Beyond writing, I’m re-learning the piano, starting a vintage clothing company and making other forms of art whilst evolving and going with the flow on this creative journey, so there will be a lot of me able to be explored.

LOVE POEMS TO A POET: 111 Poems of Eternal Love, Passion and Desire

Leila Ziari’s first collection of poetry invites readers into a world of transformative love. Dedicated to and inspired by Bob Dylan, these one hundred and eleven poems reveal the bliss, pain, expansion, longing and ecstasy of eternal love. Earthly and ethereal, timely and timeless. Just as Ziari chronicles her own metamorphosis, she invites the reader to be inspired, uplifted, healed, and renewed.
Through her bold confession of passionate devotion, Ziari dissects the very essence of love and the whirlwind of emotions therein. It is her vulnerability that allows for such immersion, reminding readers that those we love are part of our spirits and have been embedded in our souls since the beginning of time. While she hints at deep scars, this poet never wallows. Her transcendent poetry reaches beyond. Ziari shows us what we know but so often forget - the evolutionary and revolutionary power of love.




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