New Year Resolutions for 2021

Love 'em or hate 'em there's something to be said for setting goals for a new year. We've all done it. Vowed to lose weight, change jobs, learn new things, be better people, eat healthier, exercise more...blah, blah, blah. What generally ends up happening is that we lose interest in those new ideas by Valentine's Day in favor of chocolate or give up on going to the gym because of the bad weather in January and February. Kudos to those who can follow through where most of us look out the window and decide to forget it. We'll start again after Easter.

Back when I was a karate student years ago, we set three goals for the year. 
  • a karate goal
  • a personal goal
  • a fitness goal
We would write them down on a slip of paper the sensei would keep in his office and get them back the next year when we sat down to write our new goals. Sometimes we accomplished them. Sometimes we achieved them but not in ways we expected.

One of the things I've discovered is that my goals are constantly evolving. I may start off the year with the goal to write or publish a certain book, then end up writing or publishing something totally different. If we keep those goals totally rigid, we lose the ability to go with the flow when something better comes along. We may still accomplish them, but on a different timeline.

What are my goals for 2021? 
  • finishing edits on All That Shines which will be published in April
  • finishing Dead Without Remorse, a novella that will be published in August
  • a third book that will come out in November... I just haven't decided which it will be!
  • editing my Nanowrimo novel and possibly self-publishing or finding a publisher
  • editing Written in Stone and submitting it as well
  • outlining and preparing a new book to write for Nano 2021
  • adding to this list as new things come up!
My wish for you all in 2021 is that you remain healthy, passionate, and have fun!
I also hope you continue to join us for Escape with a Writer. There are some great things coming this year. I can't wait to introduce you to even more great writers!

Happy 2021!




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