Rania Emara tells us about The Mighty Head of Moustafa and Hijab is Fab!


Welcome to author Rania Emara and her sweet children's book The Mighty Head of Moustafa, which I loved! It's a fun bedtime story for kids of all ages!

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Rania Emara is an author of children's and YA fiction, who graduated from Oakland University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Studies as well as a teaching certification in English as a Second Language.

Driven by her own experience as a first-generation American Muslim born and raised in the United States, she wanted to create books that help young people discover and celebrate the vibrant culture, traditions, and folklore native to the historic Middle East and South Asia. Drawing from the rich palette of observations she gained living and working abroad in one of the world's newest cities, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and in one the world's most ancient cities, Cairo, Egypt, she channels these authentic experiences directly into her books.

She has written and published 3 books for children and young adults, including Kareem and the Legendary Musaharaty, Hijab is Fab, and The Mighty Head of Moustafa.  She is currently working on her first YA novel, which is planned for release in 2021.

In addition to writing, Rania is an accomplished management professional with over 18 years of experience in Operations, Quality Management, and Communications. Beginning her career in Michigan, working for a United States Congressman, she went on to manage and exponentially grow several healthcare and educational organizations in both the United States and Dubai. In 2014, she was appointed as Chief Operating Officer for a private medical company in Dubai Healthcare City, where she became one of the youngest, female, C-level executives in the Middle East's prestigious healthcare capital.

Today, Rania is a Certified ISO QMS Internal Auditor and Senior Quality Management Consultant, helping clients in the healthcare and education sectors create streamlined operations, effective quality management systems, and organizational improvements. She is an expert at professional content writing and development across digital and print mediums, specializing in corporate policy, training, compliance, and content marketing.

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Tell us about your life outside of writing.

Outside of writing, I wear many hats - wife, mother, girl boss, educator, house chef, short order cook, child psychologist, nurse, referee, peacekeeper, and finder of remotes. Professionally, I spent 18 successful years working in Healthcare Operations and Quality Management, and today I'm a Certified ISO QMS Internal Auditor and a Senior Quality Consultant who helps clients in the healthcare and education sectors create streamlined operations, effective quality management systems, and organizational improvements.

However the real joy of my life is my family, including my husband of 17 years and my two boys, ages 12 and 3, who collectively ensure that my life is never dull with their daily antics and escapades. In 2011, we embarked on a grand adventure and left the United States to raise our children abroad in one of the world's newest and most advanced cities (Dubai, UAE) and one of the world's most ancient cities (Cairo, Egypt).  These ten years have become some of the most culturally enriching years of my life, and have given us all an incredible world view. Not to mention the fact that living abroad has given me plenty of material to write about!

Besides writing, I'm a total book nerd, a wannabe history buff, and a political junkie with serious wanderlust to travel the world. I adore coffee, pizza, stickers, paper planners and Turkish dramas, though not necessarily in that order. Oh, and I'd sell my first born before I'd ever voluntarily eat a mango.

Do you have a work in progress?

Yes! I am currently working on my first YA fiction novel and I'm enjoying every minute of it immensely!  The book is centered around a diverse group of freshmen girls who arrive at an exclusive, all-girls boarding school only to discover they are in for a lot more than regular high school academics. Armed with the knowledge of an ancient secret and thrust into a glitzy life of luxury, culture, fashion, and adventure, they must learn to embrace this newfound knowledge and redefine themselves to secure a destiny that could change the course of their lives forever.

What was the most difficult section/piece you ever wrote? What made it difficult?

The most difficult writing project to date would definitely be my new YA novel. While I've always been a lifelong reader and book aficionado, I never truly recognized the amount of work that goes into a novel until I sat down to write one. The plot outlining, world building, character sketching, editing and reediting involved is so extensive and all consuming, that on most days I think I'll never get done!

What sort of research do you do for your work?

As a child of the 80s, I was raised in a time when there was no Google and you had to trek to the public library every time you needed to do research. We had to wrestle with things like the Dewy Decimal System, microfiche, and the Encyclopedia Britannica, and if your library didn't have it, you were plain out of luck! So with today's ability to gather information about people and places at lightening speed from your phone while drinking coffee on your couch, there really is no excuse for NOT conducting research.

Personally, when I'm writing about a topic, not only do I read books and articles, but I like to immerse myself in the topic through movies about the place or period or culture. I'll also create Pinterest boards with images and links to my target information in order to stay inspired!

Which books and authors do you read for pleasure? Is there an author who inspires you?

My favorites have always been the classics - Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway, and while I've read literally hundreds of books, some of my all time favorites remain Pride & Prejudice and Wuthering Heights to this day.  However, as I've gotten older my reading tastes have gotten younger!

With the arrival of the life changing Harry Potter series and the glittery world of vampires in the Twilight Saga, my love of YA books has evolved into a downright addiction. I'm a Potterhead through and through, and J.K. Rowling has shown us all that it's possible to write the next great novel no matter what we have going on in our lives. Clearly, YA fiction is my fountain of youth, and I have no plans to stop drinking the Kool-Aid any time soon!

Was there a person who encouraged you to write?

If I look back, I do remember a fantastic English teacher I had, Mrs. Sandra Altemann. She really challenged me to push beyond the boundaries my introverted shell and inspired me to explore writing as a passion and a career. Today, both my husband and my son are my cheerleaders and champions on this writing journey. Their complete and total faith in my abilities really inspires me to keep going, even in my darkest moments of self-doubt.


 At first glance, Moustafa may look quite ordinary, with his skinny arms, large nose, and unruly curls. But he has an extraordinarily peculiar talent; a talent that involves his strong, resilient, MIGHTY head. Follow the whimsical tale of Moustafa as he weaves his way through the bustling sights and sounds of the marketplace, with amusing rhymes kneaded together like the steaming, hot bread he carries on top of his mighty head. 

Written by Rania Emara with the aim of motivating children to discover and celebrate the vibrant culture, traditions, and folklore that is native to the Middle East and South Asia, this story showcases an incredible, real life practice reimagined into an entertaining, cumulative tale for young children. Inspired by the much loved British nursery rhyme "The House That Jack Built" and featuring enchanting illustrations by Fruzsina Kuhari that capture the essence of a Middle Eastern marketplace, The Mighty Head of Moustafa is the perfect read-aloud book for story time, circle time, and bedtime.

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For more information about the author, the illustrator, and for sneak peeks into their upcoming projects, follow Rania Emara at @raniaimagines and Fruzsina Kuhari at @designfk on social media today!




"Welcome to a world where hijab is fab, where every opportunity is yours to grab. With it we're strong and we're empowered, we're fly and we're fierce though our scarves are flowered!"

Tweens, teens, and young women around the world will rave about this fresh, modernized look at hijab, one that covers (pun intended) all of its amazing aspects as well as celebrates its lesser known perks. With inspiring lines and quirky rhymes, this book will entertain and uplift girls as it introduces hijab in a creative and lighthearted way.

Hijab is Fab! makes the perfect gift for daughters, sisters, friends, BFFs, and powerful young women everywhere, whether they're newly covered, are considering hijab, or have been wearing hijab for years, as it shines a positive light on an often misunderstood practice. Featuring playful illustrations by debut artist Yaseen Fayed as well as snapshots of hijab from around the world, Hijab is Fab! is a must-have book for every young Muslim girl's library.

Written by Rania Emara, a first generation American Muslim (who also happens to wear fab hijab), her books help young people discover and celebrate the vibrant culture, traditions, and folklore native to the Middle East, South Asia, and greater Islamic World.

To purchase, click here

For more information about the author and for a sneak peek into her upcoming books, follow @raniaimagines on social media today!

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