Round Robin Blog Fest February 2021


Can you believe we're already nearly two months into 2021? Wow! This year has been a blur for me. I've pre-released my newest book ALL THAT SHINES and wrote a play that I'm waiting on critiques for. Not a bad start to the year. Now for a little fun time!  

This month's Round Robin Blog question should be fun. Our question is:
Where do you get your ideas for stories?

My short answere is:  Anywhere and everywhere. 

Ive had ideas come from:

  • dreams
  • from conversations I've had or overheard
  • from seeing photographs in person or in magazines
  • memes
  • lines from movies or plays
  • while falling asleep at night
  • while soaking in the tub
  • while out for a walk or doing yoga
  • while shopping
  • reading biographies
  • street signs - seriously!
  • inspiration from books or poems
  • animals
  • kids
  • misheard song lyrics
My latest play idea hit me while I walked from my office ten feet down the hall to my livingroom. I was thrilled that I'd just finished my very first play and sent it off to the artistic director for feedback. By the time I reached the couch, I had to sit down and write the scene that popped into my head then the outline, then the ending. I had the whole thing outlined in fifteen minutes. Now I just have to write it.

To be honest, my stories usually don't happen that fast, but when inspiration hits it can be like a runaway train! Most of the time, I just get scenes here and there then piece them all together. Except for writing books during Nanowrimo, that is!

My newest novel, All That Shines book two in my Glitter Bay Mysteries, evolved after I met a lovely woman who is transgender. She walked into the theatre where I worked to buy a ticket one day and I was fascinated with her story. She inspired me to create Quinn, a character I adore who will be back in full force in the next Glitter Bay Mystery novel. While All That Shines doesn't dig deep into Quinn's story, she sure has one to tell! 

To check out ALL THAT SHINES click out my announcement:

Now that I've done the self-promotion and told you where my bright ideas come from, I hope you'll check out the great group of writers I get to do this with! I can't wait to see where they get their ideas.

Skye Taylor

Anne Stenhouse

Beverley Bateman

Connie Vines

Diane Bator

Dr. Bob Rich

Fiona McGier

Helena Fairfax

Marci Baun

Victoria Chatham

Judith Copek

Rhobin L Courtright


  1. Enjoyed your list of where you ideas came from. It is amazing how we are all similar but so very different with ideas! I hope your hallway inspiration writes as fast as the ideas emerged!

  2. Your list is much more comprehensive than mine and encompasses pretty much everywhere I get mine, too. In reality, most of my ideas come from the world around me. How can they do anything else when the world is such a complex and fascinating place filled with just as fascinating people? Often, I find when I’m stuck, ideas come to me while I’m in the shower or some other place I can’t write them down. LOL Hopefully, your latest project will flow quickly.

  3. While in the shower, I often quietly "observe" while conversations rage on in my head. Yes, I do hear voices. But they're not dead people They're people whose only existence is in my head--until I write their stories, and they can move in to live in the minds of readers as well.

  4. That is quite the list, and I recognize all of them. Glad to hear another Glitter Bay book is on the way.

  5. It's impressive that you are competent in the very different skills of writing novels and plays. After all, a person's inner reality: bodily sensations, thoughts, memories, perceptions are the core of fiction. In a play, you are limited to observable actions and speech.
    You'll need to watch that one idea immediately triggering another, or you can join Nora Roberts.

  6. Diane, great list of ideas. Playwriting what an exciting writing path to explore!
    "All That Shines" Glitter Bay Series--how exciting! Love your book cover :-)

  7. Hi Diane, It's a really good and coprehensive list. I always read the problem/agony aunt page first in the weekly magazine I take as there are often contemporary issues just waiting to be worked up among the letters selected. Good luck with all your exciting projects, Anne


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