The Year of the What? by author and actress Jennifer Lieberman


A coming-of-age journey with empowering feminist intention by critically acclaimed author and actress

Jennifer Lieberman

 Released by Maple Mermaid Publishing Corporation

The book is available worldwide in digital, print and audio across all platforms.

Six months after Danas first break-up she is single and heartbroken in New York City. At 25 she is a virgin once removed and navigating the Manhattan dating world is daunting. Having only been intimate with one man, Dana feels ashamed of her desires and keeps trying to squash them in order to be a good girl. With the help of Kelly, her unabashedly promiscuous roommate, Dana embarks on an outrageous adventure of sexual discovery and finds power and confidence while taking charge of her erotic exploration. Year of the What?: Lieberman, Jennifer: 9781775326816: Books  Year of the What?: Lieberman, Jennifer: Books

“If you didn’t spend your first year after your first major heartbreak making some of the same mistakes, you’ll secretly wish you did.” --Stacy Dymalski, Comedian and Bestselling Author of Confessions of a Band Geek Mom

“A powerful sex-positive statement on modern female sexuality...” --Rebecca Rosenblat, Sex Therapist, TV Host, Bestselling Author of Sexual Power

“Year of the What leaves you wanting more - and in more ways than one!! I didn't want to put the book down and didn't want it to end…” --Ashley Gianni, Actress and Producer

More from Jennifer Lieberman:

As virtual meetings have gone from the exception to the norm in the business world, many professionals feel unprepared for this new "on-camera" shift. Filmmaker, producer and award-winning actor Jennifer Lieberman created a simple seven-step approach when coaching executives and business professionals with their virtual presence. In this simple and straight-forward guide Lieberman walks through tricks and tips from the film industry to help you "master your virtual meeting" every time. In this book Lieberman covers the technical aspects from camera placement and lighting setup to presentation techniques specific to achieving an impactful on-camera performance. If you are interested in learning a consistent and effective method to master your virtual meetings this is the book for you.

About Jennifer:

JENNIFER LIEBERMAN is from Maple, Canada and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from York University in Toronto. She has appeared in over two-dozen stage productions in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Europe and Australia; including her Award-Winning solo-show Year of the Slut, which her novel Year of the What? was adapted from. In addition to her performance career, she has penned a number of screen and stage plays; her short films Leash and Details which both screened at the Festival De Cannes' Court Métrage among other international film festivals as well as the wacky web-series Dumpwater Divas. Year of the What? is Lieberman’s first novel.   More information can be found about Jennifer at: Home (

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