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Welcome to author and inspiration, Charlene Jones!!

My life as the title of my memoir suggests, has been as impossible as possible. Raped and tortured, global gypsy meeting heads of Tibetan Buddhism, initiations, silent retreats for as long as 3 months, death-defying journeys, publishing a few books, performer with the trio Uncritical Mass, double Masters, podcasting, psychotherapist in private practice for 23 years, meditation teacher and mother.

That last is what I’m most proud of…

In my 7th decade I take no pills, sleep half a circadian rhythm many nights and enjoy a quiet life on a small lake with my partner of many years.

I mentioned my current life a bit above. I meditate regularly, and with a group on internet. We follow the Moon and meditate on New and Full Moon. Anyone may join!

The hardest part about Covid for me, as I know for so many of us, is not being to hold my grandchildren, visit my son and daughter who live far away. But I am grateful for FaceTime.

My life is quiet, beside the lake watching the wildlife and lately my partner and I have discovered the magic of the forests in York Region. I am so grateful for these places of healing.

The most difficult book I wrote was my memoir. This wasn’t for the obvious reason, that some of the contents were difficult. I wrote the book over a period of 50 years, many times. And during that time I wrung the emotional content out of the memories, through deep body work, dream work and meditation. So that wasn’t the struggle.

The struggle was in the structure of memoir, which remains unique. It is a form unto itself and the best memoirs adhere to the structure. It took a few years and a few memoir courses, notably with Sue Reynolds and with Linda Joy Myers of National Association of Memoir Writers before I gained some control of the material.

For my non-fiction works, Medicine Buddha Medicine Mind and Medicine Mind Medicine Buddha I read Dr. Doidge’s The Brain That Changes Itself, and his The Brain’s Way of Healing, along with The Tell Tale Brain by VS Ramachandran, Brain Mapping by Rita Carter, Cure by Jo Marchand, The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilChrist and a few others.

Many authors inspire me. When I think about how hard it is to not only write, but then Indie publish and try to establish a place in the market, I am toppled by the amount of dedication, perseverance and commitment Indie authors have to our craft.

For pleasure I read memoirs, most often from Indie writers. For four years my weekly podcast was dedicated to interviewing Indie memoirists. I have just shifted the focus of the podcast to Meditations for Life. These are short, 15-20 minute podcasts in which I meditate for 5 minutes, sometimes twice, and talk a bit in between about meditation.

I have taught meditation to beginners for about 35 years and the truth is we are all always beginners.

Who encouraged me to write? Cecilie Kwiat, my meditation teacher, sister of my heart and person who is although she has passed on responsible for my still being here at all—she kept me committed to poetry.

Many professors in university encouraged my writing, in English courses and in others such as Logic.

Like many writers, I maintain the position of wobbling on high heels in mud when it comes to believing in my writing.

Thanks for this opportunity Diane to sift through some thoughts and offer a few bits. I look forward to reading the works of others here.

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She fled horrendous suffering and stumbled into the arms of merciless men. Will she ever break free of her traumatic emotional prison?

Canada, 1968. Sixteen-year-old Charlene Jones was desperate to escape her family’s relentless abuse. But when she ran away and hitched a ride in a brand new Pontiac with two strangers, her situation went from unbearable to a living nightmare. At the mercy of armed and violent escaped convicts, she endured three days and nights of unspeakable assault and torture.

Guided by dreams and angels, Charlene returned home scarred and spiraled into four years of self-destruction… until a vision spurred her on a trip to India. But her first step in a foreign land was only the beginning of a journey trotting the globe to overcome a world of hurt.

Will Charlene’s quest for healing help her find peace in her heart?

In this powerful memoir that follows her travels through Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway, Charlene shares an intimate narrative of her high-stakes adventures searching for recovery through meditation, holistic strategies, and mystic experiences. And for those tormented by personal tragedy, this brave woman’s ability to finally face her memories and release their hold over her will give hope that the human spirit can always triumph.

My Impossible Life: Trauma, Travel & Transcendence is an inspirational exploration of never giving up, no matter how hard. If you like relatable people, luminous prose, and the intersection of Eastern and Western thought, then you’ll love Charlene Jones’s moving revelation.

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Have you tried Mindfulness but find your brain does not stop?

Do you long for a mind that defaults to quiet relaxation?

Ever wonder what meditating with both sides of your brain is like? 

Drawing on over 30 years of teaching Visualization Meditation  author Charlene Jones, M.Ed/M.A weaves Western reason with Eastern faith. Her journey with Visualization began in a Tibetan Temple in the north of India, Dehra Dun, where she was initiated into the major vibrations of Tibetan iconography: visualized pictures and whispered mantras. She was 20 years old. She has been teaching this method of meditation for over 30 years to novices, experienced meditators, lay people and other meditation teachers. 

Through easy to understand neuroscience Medicine Buddha Medicine Mind’s easy-to-read self-help explains the measurable, quantifiable changes Visualization Meditation practice brings to your brain.

You will learn—

·        how physical and emotional pain can be reduced or erased leaving you free to enjoy life

·        what Western Reason and Science say about Eastern Visualization Meditation Practice

·        the mantra neuroscientists use to control change in the brain's neural structure  

·        the power of practice: what repetition does to promote the brain with new and vital ways to behave

·        why your ability to read and conjure inner worlds is the secret way you are already Visualizing! 

If you believe in combining Western Reason with Eastern Faith, if you enjoy knowing the science behind how meditation works, you’ll love Medicine Buddha Medicine Mind.

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