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Gilda Wright Mystery Series

Gilda Wright thinks she’s landed a dream job as the receptionist at a karate school except she’s surrounded by handsome instructors, a local bookie, and more mysteries than she’d counted on.


If you haven’t heard the story, I used to be the receptionist at a local martial arts school. Yup, that's me in the photo! I still have all my notes, even though I had to give up training. Since egos get bruised as easily as shins and thighs, writing a martial arts mystery series from that experience came naturally. 

Gilda took the job at Yoshida Martial Arts to mend a broken heart and find her own inner strength after a bad breakup. It was less painful for her than Detective Jason Thayer who ended up head first in a fifty-pound bag of coffee beans. That was three years ago. Now that Gilda’s a blue belt heading for a brown belt grading (Sh! If you’ve already read Dead Without Shame, don’t give away how that turns out!), Thayer’s afraid to set foot in the school – or her house. 

I created the fictional school into one where many people might not want to set foot and let Gilda Wright take over to solve crimes in Sandstone Cove. Much to the chagrin of those closest to her! Lucky for her, she has Sensei Mick on her side. As well as Marion Yearly, her best friend, and Kane Garrick…well, Gilda’s not sure what he is yet. 

Tag along for a fun ride! Oh, by the way, For the month of June, all of my books are available on Smashwords, click HERE to check them out! https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/bator


Book 1 - Dead Without Honor

The scroll of the Four Possessions of the Samurai holds the key to a deadly mystery…

Gilda Wright thinks she’s landed a dream job as the receptionist at a karate school. Her boss, Sensei Mick Williams, is almost as demanding as he is sexy, but Gilda is inspired by the strength and courage of the people around her. When Gilda finds the body of one of the instructors in the dojo with a sword through his chest, she must find her own inner strength and fast! The police regard everyone in the school as suspects, including her boss, and it’s up to Gilda to find out what really happened. She follows the clues of the missing scroll of the Four Possessions of the Samurai down a deadly path filled with lies, deceit, and poisoned ninja stars. If she doesn’t watch her back, she just may become the killer’s next target.

Book 2 – Dead Without Glory

One body on the beach.

One crazy man with a sword accused.

One feisty receptionist on the case.

Gilda Wright’s life seems to finally be on track. Her love life is looking up and she’s planning and promoting a grand opening extravaganza for Sensei Mick Williams’ new martial arts school. But things go awry when their special guest referee for the opening exhibition match is found dead on the beach. To make matters worse, the school’s new weapon’s instructor Kane Garrick, who is enough to make any woman lose her head and her heart, stands accused of his murder. In spite of her promise to Mick and nearly everyone else in Sandstone Cove not to get involved, Gilda wades into danger one more time. The only question is, can Gilda catch the killer before the killer catches up to her?

***Dead Without Glory will be FREE on Amazon June 26 & 27 to add to your summertime reads!


Book 3 – Dead Without Pride

Gilda Wright has always had an open mind about the spiritual world. Dating the hot sensei at her martial arts school, Mick Williams, has taught her that mind, body, and spirit have a strong connection. But when her good friend and sometimes flirtation, Kane Garrick hires a pretty psychic at his New Age store, Gilda finds herself torn between being glad he's distracted and feeling just the teeny-tiniest bit jealous. A feeling that quickly turns to suspicion when the psychic's predictions begin to come true—including one about the murder of a well-known person in their small town! Suddenly Gilda wonders if the psychic's involvement in both her predictions and Kane's life are mere coincidence or a clever set up. It's up to Gilda to find the truth and track down a killer...before her own death becomes next on the
psychic's prediction list!


Book 4 – Dead Without Shame

Once more, Gilda considers leaving the karate school to work for her friend Happy (no one has ever called him Harvey). When three men rob Happy Harvey’s Hangover Hut killing the woman at the front counter, Gilda is stunned to think that could have been her. Was this a mere robbery, or does someone have a vendetta against Happy, including his good friend Gary del Garda? The evidence keeps piling up while both her mother and another karate instructor come to town bearing secrets that may cost Gilda the life she loves in Sandstone Cove.


The newest Gilda Wright Mystery arrive in August 2021! Book 5 is technically Book 2.5 and was originally a bridge between Books 2 & 3. This one will be a bit of a blast from the past and finally answer the mystery of how Sensei Mick lost his hearing.

Book 5 – Dead Without Remorse

Someone has destroyed the building that housed the former Yoshida Martial Arts School leaving numerous people injured and one dead. Considering Sensei Mick Williams owns the building, Gilda Wright needs to clear his name, plus track a killer before her suspects scatter like debris.

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