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Vanessa Morris releases her new book The Nymphetamine Girls

  The Secrets here in Verdant Glen are expected, they come along with the deeds. Lisette and Natalia are perfect. What all the other girls want to be. Beautiful and famous as their alter egos online, they revel in the joy of sexual exploration, and exhibitionism online. The views, the likes, the followers. It's addictive. Almost as addictive as the forbidden fruit of their new teacher, John May. With a dark past of his own, he sees Lisette for exactly what she is. Both tempting, and troubled. Will he surprise her, or will it be the other way around? Dealing with divorce and death at a young age, Lisette only has Natalia. And with her mother slowly drinking her way to the grave, Natalia only has Lisette. But when John shows Lisette how toxic their relationship truly is, will she believe him? Will he change her life if she chooses John over Natalia, or will he destroy it? Once the dust settles only one of the two girls will make it out alive. The other will have their life

Romance Writer Sophie Mays releases the complete Serenity Falls series

  The Serenity Falls Complete Series   A Top 100 Amazon Book from Romance Writer Sophie Mays   Released by Love Light Publishing, t his collection is available in paperback and eBook! Brisk mountain air and romance abound at the Wyatt Ranch! From bestselling author Sophie Mays comes this delightfully heartwarming sweet ranch romance series.   Whether you are falling in love alongside a baker, an artist, an ex-Navy Seal, or a world traveler - there's something for everyone in Serenity Falls. Set against a gorgeous small-town mountain backdrop in Colorado, we follow five siblings as they each return home to help start a new family business.    From cowboys to unexpected newcomers, from weddings to high-stakes adventures , you will fall in love with this cozy small town in the Rocky Mountains and become friends with the Wyatt family. Meet Emma, Hannah, Anna-Jane, Carson, and Jake!  Five very different personalities,  each deserving of their own happily ever after... Read

Transitions of life through Poetry and Prose by author H.M. Gooden

  PASSAGES Death.  Dementia. And Everything in Between   An in-depth look at the transitions of life through Poetry and Prose By family physician and critically acclaimed author, H.M. Gooden   Life is full of surprises;  full of laughter, love, and losses.  This collection explores the transitions between highs and lows through poetry and prose. May you find the words on these pages as much a balm to guide you through rocky seas as they have been for me. Passages through life.  Impermanence, dementia and death.  A collection of essays and poetry on dementia, life and all the transitions in between.   ABOUT H.M.: H. M. Gooden has

Historical Fantasy from Award-winning YA Author, Marie Powell

  LAST OF THE GIFTED SERIES! Historical Fantasy at its best from Award-winning Young Adult Author, Marie Powell   Spirit Sight (Book 1) - Winner of the Moonbeam Young Adult Fiction eBooks - Bronze Medal Purple Dragonfly Science Fiction & Fantasy eBooks - Honorable Mention Published by Wood Dragon Books, Spirit Sight is now available in audiobook on Audible and iTunes! Omnibus format available in October, combining Spirit Sight (Book 1) and Water Sight (Book 2) "Filled with adventure and romance and a touch of fantasy … Highly Recommended.” 5 Stars - CM Reviews   Audiobook Release Two siblings pledge their magic to protect their people from the invading English, with the help of the last true Prince of Wales — after his murder. Welsh warrior-in-training Hyw can control the minds of birds and animals. His sister Catrin can see the future in a drop of water. Now Hyw and Catrin must stretch their gifts to stand between their people and the ruthless army of Edwa

Anne Scottlin releases Live for Joy

                                       LIVE FOR JOY Anne Scottlin delivers fresh motivational insights and succinct morsels of philosophy to help inspire your practice of self-awareness and to cultivate a mindset of authenticity and joy. Paired with extraordinary art and photography, these inspirational messages create a visually stunning feast for the senses. Whether you consume this book in one sitting or keep it close-at-hand for quick infusions of courage or moments of contemplation, you will find it an indispensable tool to support you in tapping into your best version of yourself.    PRAISE FOR “LIVE FOR JOY”   "One of this decade’s philosophers … Anne Scottlin’s words of wisdom come like raindrops on dry land." —Mohammed Darweesh, Madrid "Anne Scottlin is a thought leader of scope and depth, a role model of impact."  —Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO, Author/Speaker, New York "Anne shares her voice of wisdom in a time when so man

Mystery writer Laurel Heidtman shares her Top Shelf, Kisses and Killers and Eden series

  Welcome to author Laurie Heidtman!! Tell us a little about yourself! I’m retired from the nine-to-five life and live with my husband, two dogs and two cats on private land inside Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. I have loved fiction since before I could read and, according to my mother, made up stories based on the pictures in the books. Now that I no longer have the excuse of not enough time, I’m fulfilling my lifelong dream of writing novels. Over the years, I’ve paid the bills by being a dancer, a bartender, a police officer, a registered nurse and a technical writer. Now I’m drawing on that life experience and my two English degrees to create stories that I enjoy writing and hope readers enjoy reading. The photo above is from 2018. The medal is the bronze medal from 2017 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards. I write mysteries and thrillers under the name Laurel Heidtman, and I write cozy mysteries and romantic suspense under the name Lolli Powell. Websites: www.