When it Rains it Pours...

Today it's raining but that's not what I mean by when it rains it pours.
I've gone through a drought lately of having few shifts at work and lots of time to write. That was when I focused on finishing my novel Padded Walls. This month, I've gotten more shifts and have been busy with my volunteer work to the point that I seriously considered letting something slide. Unfortunately it was my writing. But not editing. My son, aka Junior Editor, is currently reading a new version of Take the Money and Run.

Today was the meeting for the HWG and I had nothing to read. I mean, I have lots to read but nothing I felt like reading to the group. It was like a mental block. My goal for the next meeting is to have something to read to the group. That simple. And to make sure I take lots of notes so I can keep up the blog! I'm getting better at that.

I also had my first meeting with the executive of the OAG. I am the chief liason with the local high schools. My first mission will be to meet the heads of the Fine Arts Departments and offer a scholarship to the two top graduates. As well, we are seeking students to participate in the Really Big Show in October. I also have to get some of my own artwork ready for then. It will be a fun thing to be involved with. A gala evening as well as a weekend art show.

This week though, Junior Editor write exams. He and I will spend some time picking paint for his room, going for lunch, and shopping at the local art shop. We'll also meet friends for breakfast next week when he has a PD Day. Now that he's in high school, time seems to go so fast. It won't be long until he moves on to bigger and better things of his own. I want to enjoy the time with him while I can.

And help him get ready for life as a grown up. Whenever I become one....


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