March Break Trip

It took me a few tries to get this shot just the way I wanted it. This was taken while my family and I walked along the streets in Montreal. I loved that it was a reflection of the old buildings in the new and how true it is for us as writers and artists. No matter what we dream up, create or write, there is always someone who has come before and, possibly, created something similar. But.

But they will never create the exact duplicate.

We are all individuals and even when two people sit side-by-side painting the same object, or folding similar pieces of paper into the same pattern, they will never be the same. Our perceptions, our choices of colours and of words and even of paper, is what makes us unique.

What a boring world it would be if we weren't.


  1. Lovely picture and very well said, Diane. I have the same philosophy myself; the world would be a very boring place with we were all the same.


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