And now for something a little different....

This weekend I tried something new - aside from riding bikes with the kids, which I haven't done in nearly 20 years! Today I attended a Reiki workshop and obtained my Reiki I certification. I came home feeling tired, yet energized. It was a cloudy, stormy day, yet three of us made it for the class and were treated to Attunements, clearings and a wonderful pot of soup our Reiki Master had made.

What an amazing feeling to awaken your own energy and healing power that I'd always thought I had. With all of the stuff we learned, I'm a little overwhelmed. The fun part was that before we left, Helena asked us to choose an angel card. Mine was "Study," which was interesting since I've been studying not only my writing, but books on Reiki as well. It told me not to be impatient and study before I dive in. Kind of applicable to both of my interests lately.

With the end of our workshop, so began our 21 Days of Cleansing where the energy cycles through all seven chakras three times. We are now able to use our healing powers on others and - after three months - will be able to go for our Reiki II course.

I can hardly wait!


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