Another step in the Happiness Project - Hitting the Highway

Okay, decluttering has gone by the wayside. Christmas is upon us and I always find it even more difficult to keep the clutter down at this time of the year. Decorations, a six foot tree and gifts filling all the spaces I'm trying to empty out, do little to help.

Step back and take a deep breath. What can I focus on instead? Join me while I take a wild leap...

I got my driver's license when I was 16. Across the aisle from me in the classroom was my 64 year old grandma. I kid you not. Holy inspiration! If my grandma could go back to school at 64 and learn to drive, what was there to stop me? Over the years, I drove less as I went through University and when I married and we were down to 1 vehicle. Then it became a necessity for me to drive 3 kids to school, doctor appointments and play dates.
Even so, I was afraid to drive.
Afraid of the big city. (We lived in Edmonton at the time, which is nothing compared to Toronto!)
Afraid of getting lost.
Afraid one of the kids would start to throw up in the back and I'd be stuck hurtling down the highway smelling like...
But I digress.

Moving across the country to unknown terrain did little to build my confidence. Until recently. Sure, I've done trips with my kids before, but always with friends  I've met since we moved here and with hubby. This past year, with my oldest at University and facing the unknown, I've become braver. Driving in downtown Barrie to pick up my son at the bus terminal. Taking the kids on vacation and driving all over the Ontario countryside. Braving driving into another city to get some paperwork done - and having to go back again in 2 weeks. And this time, I know exactly where I'm going!

Confidence plays a huge role in my not wanting to venture far from home alone.
I found as I drove down the open highway (definitely NOT during rush hour, thank you!) that I was happy.
Happy I'd made the trek on my own.
Happy that I can rely on my own resources to find my way, get the job done and get home without incidence.
Happy that I'm seriously thinking about wandering farther the next time I go out.
Happy that when I get anxious about the trip ahead, I can think about my grandma who took a leap of faith in her sixties and learned to drive so she could hit the open highway on her own without having to rely on others.
Funny how something we all take for granted, can give us so much happiness without us ever even realizing...

Join me Saturday for the next instalment of the Round Robin Blog!!


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