Friday, November 22, 2013

November Round Robin Blog

It's time for another episode of the Round Robin Blog! November's Round Robin topic:
Mass emotion -- tell about one incident you've experience where a large crowd of people shared the same strong emotion.
Whoever said laughter is the best medicine wasn't far from wrong. It has a long shelf-life and is even more contagious than a foul mood, especially when shared with others. How many times have you seen or heard something funny that hasn't affected your mood for the rest of the day?
Recently one of my lovely friends celebrated her birthday by inviting a few other couples to a local comedy night. Six of us sat around the table in a sea of nearly 500 other people. As show time came and went, anxiety was palpable, but most people simply went and got another drink. Once the show began and the laughter started, there was no turning back. Funny lines or not, one audience member after another got swept up in the swell of giggles and chuckles that broke into crests of laughter. Even people who started the evening stressed and sour-looking found something to smile about - were contaminated by someone pointing out the silliness of daily life. Sucked in by the undercurrent of other people finding something to poke fun at.

Two of the people we sat with are parents of a local comedian. They know funny. They live with funny on a daily basis. To be perfectly honest, they are both amazing, hilarious people. So are the other couple we were with. To be caught up in a storm of laughter with people who love to smile and laugh was a plus.
The best part of the evening, beyond the laughter, was "the dance circle". My two lady friends and I danced together in a circle that reminded one of dancing in clubs with a pile of purses on the floor in the middle. Like witches in a coven.

And so we danced, sang and laughed with not a care in the world, infected by the energy in the air and the laughter in the room.
And now onto a more somber tone with our lovely hostess, Robin Courtright:
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  1. I've enjoyed my encounters in comedy clubs, and it is wonderful to hear so many people laughing, sharing a joke. The dance circle just sounds like the cherry on the whipped cream covering the cake.

  2. Two summers ago, my adult daughter gathered a couple dozen of her lady friends for a "Magic Mike" night. The party started with finger foods and drinks in her backyard, and then we piled into a couple of vehicles [with designated drivers ;-) ] and descended upon the little theater in our small town to watch Magic Mike. We were a silly, goofy, rowdy-but-happy group who sat in the first two rows cat-calling, hooting at the man candy on the screen, and in all other ways making public fools of ourselves. lol People who sat behind us still tell us we were more entertaining than the movie. It was a fabulous evening that we can never replicate, but will always remember with a smile.

    On a side note, it's interesting that, like so many others, I found it easier to remember the global tragedies instead of the happy emotional moments. Thanks for reminding me that it's more important to focus on the happy than the sad. Life is too short for that.

  3. Thanks for showing us that laughter is so important in our lives and can leave as strong an imprint as tragedy.


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