Keeping those New Year's Resolutions

Something magical happens when you tell people about your New Year's Resolutions. Some scoff and roll their eyes, some remind you of how you tried to accomplish the same goals last year and failed miserably, the there are the friends who pitch in an join you. This year I've set three goals to accomplish:
1) earn my blue belt in karate
2) publish 2 books
3) run a 5km race
Nearly a month into my resolutions, I can say I'm making progress!
a) I'm working hard at karate doing 3 classes per week.
b) I'm editing the second book in my Wild Blue Mysteries series and awaiting edits from my agent on the first book of my newest series. (two possible books!!)  I am also doing a read through of the proof of The Bookstore Lady and having copies printed this year. Finally, a book launch will be possible!!
c) I'm getting on the treadmill and power walk or run every second day. A friend and I are seeking a fun 5km to run and I have friends organizing a group 100km run in September!

Wow! What a kick start to 2014!
Stay tuned to see what else is in store!!


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