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Hello, Everyone!
Time again for another version of the Round Robin Blog tour!!
This month's topic is: What type heroine(s), traits, personality, in particular always  draw you into the story? Has it changed with time? And do you write this type of heroine? (Next month we will cover heroes)

I hate wimpy heroines!!  If a book starts off with a woman who can't stand on her own two feet then manages to turn her entire life around and take control of things, I'm happy. If she gets smacked down by circumstance and other characters time and time again and never figures out how to duck, I stop reading.

My heroines always start off in a sticky situation of some sort, their lives dictated to them by the men they have chosen to have around them. I love to have them evolve and discover they can take care of themselves. They can be strong, happy, and loved. Best of all, they can follow their passions and succeed. I hope my heroines can inspire my reader to change something in their own lives that don't work - or at very least provide a good read.

In The Bookstore Lady, Katie is the kept woman of a mobster. She dresses, colors her hair and acts exactly the way he wants her to. Once he threatens to kill her and is interrupted, she escapes his clutches, she's a little lost at first then comes into her own and has to stand up against her past.

In The Mystery Lady (coming out this spring from Books We Love), Lucy has been dumped by her husband for other women (yes, that is plural!) and learns he is not the good provider or wonderful man she thought. Having been a mousy little housewife for so long, she has to learn how to release her strong, independent side and face her deepest fear - losing her kids and maybe her life.

My heroines, much like myself, are all on a journey to dig deep and be proud of who we are and what we accomplish in our lives. Much like the ladies joining me on this month's Round Robin Tour!! Let's take a peek at what Fiona McGier at has to say...

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  1. Katie's background makes her situation sounds dangerous! You may hate writing them, but from what I've read of your heroines, it seems like you do a great job.

  2. I agree that if the heroine isn't in charge of her life at the beginning of the story, that's not a deal-breaker. But if she doesn't grown and change during the course of it, I'm probably not going to finish it. Adversity is supposed to make you stronger, not send you running to a big strong hero to solve all of your problems. That probably happens a lot in real life, but it's not what I want to read about. I can't identify with a heroine who can't take care of herself.

  3. Read and enjoyed The Bookstore Lady. When is your next one due?

  4. Great post and I love your heroines.

  5. Great post. A heroine who was controlled by a mobster looks like an interesting read. I also admire your posting of your goals for 2014 and keeping us updated!

  6. If the heroine doesn't start off in control of her life, I definitely want to see her grow. We've had so many of us saying we want strong women from the beginning. I like this different perspective. :)



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