Wow, it's been an entire month since I posted to my blog! Work, family, and a huge karate seminar have all taken me away for the month, but I'm back on the merry-go-round that is The Round Robin Blog Fest! This month, a long string of authors are chatting about a whole new topic:

What is the most inspiring, romantic, or dangerous setting 

you have ever read or written?

I was born under the sign Cancer, a water sign. I'm a crab with a natural affinity for water so for my entire life, I've been fascinated with the ocean, lakes, rivers, and so on. As a result, I tend to write stories set near bodies of water. The Wild Blue Mysteries series doesn't directly mention the lakes until Book 2, The Mystery Lady, but Lake Erie is within an hour drive of Packham. The novel my agent is currently querying, Death of a Jaded Samurai, is set in a fictional small town called Sandstone Cove, which I picture on the shores of Lake Erie.

If I could spend my time writing in my favorite place, it would be on the deck of a small cottage on the seashore or near one of the amazing Great Lakes, which have the same inspiring feel. The rush of waves to shore are very calming and bring the romance of the ocean a little more inland. The nearest beach, along the shores of Lake Huron, is an hour and a half away, but is a wonderful place to visit! 

Lucky for me, I get to attend a writing retreat next month in a building that resembles a lighthouse and sits along the edge of a babbling river. I'll take that for now. Let's take a wander over to Geeta Kakade's blog to see what kind of settings inspire her!!

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  1. Hi Diane, I'd love to visit the Great lakes. They sound wonderfully mysterious. Anne Stenhouse

  2. Everyone seems to love beaches. I work a short distance from Lake Michigan and I have to tell you the beaches are wonderful in Muskegon, Ludington, and Manistee and further north.

  3. Love the way you put things. I see that place by the ocean and feel the spray on my face Diane on the deck of your little cottage.

  4. I'm a water baby, too, Diane. I love to swim. Oddly enough, I find the mountains to be more calming for me than the water. When I am in, or near, the water, I must move. I can't sit in a hot tub or just lounge around in the pool. I have to be doing something or I get out. LOL

  5. Lovely beach photo! And I am drawn to the title "Bookstore Lady"--perfect title for an avid reader/book lover! I was born and raised on the prairie in eastern Montana but have always been drawn to mountains and water. I now live in the high plains desert again, but I'm near mountains and lakes, so it's the best of all worlds!

  6. I'd just to love to write...wherever. I'm suffering a case of writer's block and can't seem to get past it. Liked your post.

  7. Great post - and I live on a lake so I love water and I'm a water baby.

  8. I love being near water also. And of the Great Lakes, I'd have to say that Superior is my favorite, since it's further north than the rest and since it's the biggest one, it's also the coldest one to swim in. But that's part of its charm to me.
    I'm thrilled it's finally summery weather, so we can get out and enjoy being near water again!


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