Full Speed Ahead!

I had a great phone call today. This Saturday, I'm going in to a local radio station to be interviewed for a segment for a weekly show dedicated to local authors. Phil Taylor actually approached our lovely little writing group. What a boost to be able to tell people about my books and about me. You can check the station out at www.erinradio.org and also take a listen to my wonderful friend Harry Posner's interview. He's a true star!!

Exciting. Scary. Nerve-wracking. You get the picture!
Once the interview is posted on the Erin Radio website, I'll be sure to post the link here.

What else is happening in my little world?

Lots that I don't want to jinx just yet, but one cool thing is that my agent moved up my deadline for All That Sparkles. EEP! Yup. Moved it up by a month so here I am doing a blog and procrastinating and also doing a blog for Saturday about Writer's Block. (See a trend here?) Here's a sneak preview of my upcoming blog for the weekend:

Have to cut this short, I'm expected back over on another page to actually get some writing done!

Fill you in on more great news later!!



  1. Writing every day or at least thinking about my wip and my characters every day, that's what works the best for me. Unfortunately it's not always possible, and then I lose touch with my characters. Thank you for an enjoyable article!


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