A New Box Set and an Upcoming Event!

Happy August!

        I hope you've all had time to enjoy the wonderful weather and take a break from the ordinary. I was lucky enough to get to go away for a week and enjoy the shores of Lake Huron, some beautiful sunsets and the company of my wonderful other half. I also spent time writing while he fished and puttered around on the property.

Book #9:  I’m in the process of renaming and revising my Thistlewood Mystery. Why? Because I’m planning to publish it with my Canadian publisher and want to find a Canadian location! All of my books to date have been set in the U.S. which was supposedly an easier sell. While that may be true, I’ve decided to take a sharp turn North and am looking for a similar location to the one I wrote about A.J. Cadell for her new mysteries. This one will be released in early 2020!

Book #10:  This one has a name, Dead Without Shame. Yup, Gilda Wright is back for Book 4! This time, she is grading for her Brown Belt in karate, finding the killer of a store clerk at Happy Harvey’s Hangover Hut, and figuring out ways to avoid her mother who has come to visit thanks to her fairy godfather Gary del Garda.

Novellas in the works! Another work in progress, I am puttering with the idea of self-publishing a series of novellas featuring a character I introduced in an anthology no longer available, Cozy Christmas Capers. Audra Clemmings will return to print soon as well. Stay tuned!!

I also have some great news!  The first three books in my Wild Blue Mysteries is now a BOX SET!  Woohoo!  You can purchase it through this link!

Packham is like some small town time hadn’t only forgotten but skirted around on tiptoes.
It’s also where Danny Walker got his start.
The same place he’s being dragged back to along with a reluctant Leo Blue, his partner at
the Wild Blue Detective Agency.

Packham is home to a bookstore lady on the run from the mob,
a mystery writer determined to get herself killed,
and a sexy baker with a secret life she would rather forget.
All three women are enough to keep Danny and Leo on their toes
—and on the verge of nervous breakdowns.

So what will the rest of summer bring?

For me:

·       Doing some crazy decluttering.

·       Getting my youngest off to college.

·       Finishing A.J.’s novel to send off to my publisher.

·       Writing both Gilda’s story and Audra’s novellas.

·       Getting organized both at work and at home for fall, which will be very busy!
·       Advertising a new event…. A Mystery Panel coming this September!

Have an amazing day!



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