Round Robin Blog Fest August 24 2019

Happy August!

Mine has been a busy summer between writing, editing, trips to Georgian Bay, and getting my youngest son ready for college in a week. Eeep!!
Here we are ready for another episode of the Round Robin Blog Fest as we face the end of summer. It's only natural we write about Vacation and Travel...

August 24, 2019 -- Post an excerpt from one of your books dealing with travel or vacation.

I've been very blessed this summer. This has been my view for several weekends as I get to spend some time with my honey. Not only have I been able to put my feet up and relax, do some writing while I gaze at Lake Huron, and do some fossil hunting, I've also come across something that totally made me happy!

Gilda's Log from my Gilda Wright Mystery Series!!! All it needs is to be further back on the beach. I won't complain.
That is why my excerpt this month is from a novella I'd published a couple years ago that has since been taken out of print. The good news is, I plan to add it to my next Gilda novel as a bonus! Then all my Gilda fans will find out the truth about what happened to Sensei Mick's hearing. In the meantime, buckle up.
While Gilda couldn't actually take a vacation, she and Marion Yearly found a great place to sit back and chill out...

Dead Without Loyalty (excerpt)
Gilda fanned her face, melting into a lawn chair in the shade as she groaned. “This weather is unbelievable. I doubt even Hell is this hot.”
“Here, this will help.” Marion Yearly, her best friend, handed a tall glass of lemonade with a straw to her over the round mosaic-tiled table. “Just drink it slow, there’s
Too hot and thirsty to heed the warning, Gilda had sucked back nearly half the tangy drink before she noticed Marion’s wide eyes and the odd taste in the back of her throat. She scrunched up her face. “What’s in this?”
“It’s called Lemonade Margarita. I was going to warn you I added tequila, but I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.” Marion topped off her glass, then Gilda’s. “Cheers to finally getting a whole day off to hang out together. Well, aside from going to karate class this morning.”
“Amen.” Gilda tapped Marion’s glass with hers and smiled. She was glad she’d pulled on a bikini beneath her shorts and tank top after class that morning. Maybe later she’d convince Marion to join her at the beach, which wouldn’t take much effort.
Marion took a sip then frowned. “So how did you manage to get the rest of the day off anyway? I thought Mick wanted you at the karate school day and night to get ready for the July fourth celebrations on the beach next weekend.”
She waved a hand. “We’ve already got all the details worked out. Besides, I’ve put in well over my usual hours in the past few weeks and needed a day off before I strangled him or Kane.”
Marion adjusted the top of her yellow sundress and settled back with a dreamy smile. “Did I tell you how jealous I am you get to work with the biggest hunks in town?”
Gilda knew. So did all the hunks in question. Three years ago when she’d gone to work for Sensei Mick Williams at his small karate school, she’d been ill prepared for the insanity that lie ahead. She’d been more concerned with hiding behind a desk from the world to rebuild her shattered self-confidence and ego after a nastyand very publicbreakup with her ex-boyfriend, a local police officer.
“Do you realize it’s nearly been a year since Mick shut down the old school?” Gilda asked. Then he’d built the new school, Phoenix Martial Arts, held an MMA extravaganza, and memberships had soared ever since.
“Yeah.” Marion nodded as she sipped. “Right about the same time Kane Garrick came to town and didn’t seem to care less if you were dating Mick or not.”
“He still doesn’t.” Her face burned.
Marion sighed. “I can’t believe he’s still such a sore spot. Why doesn’t he back off and leave you alone?”
“Because he’s Kane Garrick, former MMA superstar.” Gilda sucked back another half glass of lemonade without thinking. A slow buzz filled her brain then vibrated over her entire body. “Oh, boy. I forgot about the tequila.”
“There’s Triple Sec in there too.” Marion chuckled. “On the upside, you’re finally relaxed and don’t have to go back to work today.”
She closed her eyes and rested her head against the chair back. “You’re right. I have the afternoon off and a great friend to spend it with. What more could a girl want?”
They chatted and reveled in the peace for five more minutes before Marion’s doorbell rang. She flinched and sat upright. After a few seconds, she shrugged. “Whoever it is, they can go away. I’m not getting up to answer the door. I’m on vacation for today.”
“Good for you. Me too.” Gilda raised her glass, her entire body warm from the alcohol, yet cooled by the ice. Heaven. “Cheers.”
“Hey, Gilda, love. Are you here?” Kane called out from the side of the house.
Her eyes flew open. “Are you kidding me? He knows I’ve got the rest of the day off. What on earth does he want now?”
“You, darlin’.” Marion chuckled. “Ever since the first day he met you on the beach.”
She huffed then slammed her glass on the table. “When will he get it though his thick skull I’m dating Mick and not available?”
Marion shrugged. “Did you ever ask him that?”
“No, I’ve been trying to avoid being anywhere alone with him ever since...”
Ever since he’d kissed her during a wild rainstorm, which she’d never told Marion or Mick about. Not so much to protect Kane as her own sanity. Gilda sat back and wished she could blend in with the shrubbery around them. Marion’s backyard resembled a small-town version of the Garden of Eden. Fruit trees, shrubs, and plenty of shade.
“G’day, ladies.” Kane slithered into the backyard like the snake Gilda suddenly imagined him to be. Temptation in bright blue board shorts and white tank top against his bronzed skin. With his shoulder-length blond hair twisted into dreadlocks all around his head and a two-day growth of stubble, he resembled a scruffy beach bum more than a trained swordsman.
“What do you want, Kane?” Gilda groaned. “I’ve had one day off in the past two weeks and you are not going to ruin this for me.”
His too-white smile drooped. “Whoa. Did you wake up on the wrong side of bed this morning or what? You know if you’d woken up next to me that never would’ve happened, love.”

Marion fanned her face, batted her eyes, and sipped her lemonade in silence.

Want to read more? Keep an eye out for Gilda's new mystery Dead Without Shame coming early in 2020!

In the meantime, I have one more week of vacation coming up after a long weekend at work. I'm looking forward to a few more days of gazing into a crackling fire and putting my feet up.

Enjoy the excerpts from my fellow authors and savor the rest of summer! Cheers!

Marie Laval 
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Helena Fairfax 
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Beverley Bateman 
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  1. Don't think it ever gets quite so hot over a period in Scotland, Diane, so it's great to share... Love those three-way tangles. Anne

  2. Very entertaining read. I've been to the Michigan side of Lake Huron many times, but only twice to the Georgian Bay area in winter to ski at the Blue Mountain Resort. It's fun to read about places I've been. Great characters and conversations, too-- feel so real.

  3. Oh, what a great premise! And lemonade with tequila AND Triple Sec? Now that's a drink I could handle on a hot day.

  4. Sounds like you've had a good summer and vacation, Diane. Enjoy the rest of it. And I can imagine how hot it is in the summer on the lake with the humidity. Beverley

  5. Not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for Karate stories. I grew up practicing, and then taught for a good while myself, so it tickles me when I see it in fiction.


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