Escape With a Writer. Tis the Season...

Yesterday we had rain. 
It was a great day to curl up inside with a good book - or even write one. 
Instead, I went out to pick up a few items at the nearby store then baked and prepped some dough for cookies. I'm looking forward to having one of my kids come home for a few days.
And preparing treats for his friends.
And getting Christmas cards ready to mail.

To be honest, I haven't sent out Christmas cards in so many years. Between my marriage ending, juggling jobs, kids, and life...the motivations just wasn't there.

Hello, 2020.
This was it. The year the world has gone a little crazy and most of us just need a lot more kindness and to know that other people are thinking about us when we feel locked away in our own little worlds.
I've been grateful this year to virtually meet some amazing people who I get to chat with a great deal even though we live across the planet from each other.
I'm able to be a part of meetings that I could never attend in person due to distance and time.
I have taken classes in things that interest me and able to learn at my own pace while I work from home.
My cats have become extremely attached to the point that if I go out for an hour, I get interrogated when I get home. They've become a bit more demanding know that I'm around 24/7!
And now comes Christmas....

Like everyone else, I've struggled with holiday cheer. Finding it. Keeping it. Sharing it.
Then I bought a couple packs of Christmas cards. At first, I only sent out cards to co-workers and a few writing friends. Until I got a virtual card from my publisher. Suddenly, it was simple to send cards to everyone I have hosted this year on Escape With a Writer. Friends and family who live across the country, and Facebook friends as well.

As a fun activity this season, one of my cousins posted that she wanted to exchange Christmas cards with recipes inside. One more rush to the store. But a surge of Christmas spirit and warmth. I can't wait to sit and decide which recipes to send people while I bask in the glow of my little tree. 

Nope, that isn't it. That is the tree that stands outside the building I normally work in. 
Mine is about 4 feet tall. LOL! It makes me smile because the ornaments on it are special to me.

Of course, I have to get in the "Buy my Book" part of the blog! 
One of the best ways to pass a winter day, is by reading. That's going to be part of my plan for the holidays. To read a few of those books that are on my TBR pile (To be read!) For now though, I hope you'll check out my books if you haven't already. 

The best place to start is with my Author page on my Publisher's website:
As well, I've created a fun little video to tell you about each of my books. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Holidays! (I'll save the Merry Christmas for The Big Day!)



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