Character Guest Post with QUINN EVANS of All That Shines


This post appeared on March 23 on Christys Cozy Corners as part of my All That Shines Blog Tour. Quinn Evans has become one of my favorite characters and will be back! For now, I'd love for you to get to know her!

Hey, everyone. I’m Quinn Evans the star of All That Shines, a new mystery with my friends Sage and Laken Miller. Okay, I’m not the star. That honor belongs to my new bestie Sage, whether she admits to it or not.

I wasn’t a huge fan of being dragged from Los Angeles to Glitter Bay by my late boss Sebastian, but sometimes life takes you where you least expect to go, right? My life in Hollywood as an up-and-coming fashion designer was fun, except for Sebastian. While I left some great friends behind, I also binned a persona that I no longer wanted to be associated with.

Then I met Sage and Laken who own the beautiful Vintage Sage boutique. I have to say, there’s something to be said for being yanked out of a rut and stuck into a whole new life. For me, it was a blessing! I was a bit wary of Sage for the first few days. She was totally on edge and kept leaving the moment Sebastian and I walked through the door of her shop. Wary or not, something about her fascinated me. When someone shot Sebastian, I saw how she handled his murder with grace. Then I began to notice something else about my new friend.

Sage Miller is one of those amazing people who would rather hang out in the background and do all the work then have people notice her. Not on my watch, sister.

We needed to have a hard talk after Sebastian died. Hard for me, anyway. When I first met the girls, I went by my former name. Hamlet. Don’t laugh. I know it’s awful. I got beat up for it a lot as a kid. I guess that was why I let Sebastian bully me into sticking with it for so long. Sage and Laken were much more accepting when I told them I was a woman and wanted to be called Quinn.

It seems that when I came out with the truth, it had a bigger effect on Sage than I possibly could’ve imagined. Bit by bit, she opened her heart and her mind to more options. She even let me glam her up for our big fashion show. Can you believe it? I get it, she’s an introvert. I’m trying not to push her too fast, but I’d love for us to have a spa day and get her a total makeover. I mean, her boyfriend Andy was shocked enough to see her in a gown. Can you imagine how he’d react when she walked in wearing something slinky with her gorgeous red hair in curls around her bare shoulders?

And that girl thinks she’s got nothing on her supermodel sister. Genetics, darling! Get over it. You’re stuck with them.

Anyhow, I hope you check out our adventure in All That Shines. I have a feeling I may stick around for more fun and excitement with the Miller girls. After all, I’m broke and have nowhere else to go, so why not?

Love and kisses,



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