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Robin's Round Robin Blog Sept 21, 2013

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As odd as it seems September, because of first day of school, university, etc. so the topic this month is beginnings, which can be exciting, terrifying and all together nerve wracking all at the same time. Some beginnings expand beyond your wildest imagination, others are disappointing, and some are downright disastrous.

 I have always loved September. Back to school, believe it or not, was my favourite time of year. New clothes, new school supplies, the smell of leaves turning gold and red, a slight chill in the air...those are still the things I love about it the most. September was also the start of my independence as a young adult moving 7 hours away from home to attend University. In fact, every September is when I make my "New Year's Resolutions" for the following year.

This year, September marks my oldest son's journey to his own independence. He has moved 4 hours away from home with a cell phone to keep in touch, which is one thing I certainly never had. He's learning to take the bus around his new city, do his own laundry and shop for his own groceries. While it's sad to see him "leave the nest" and grow up, it's exciting to see him take on life on his own terms. Some of the things we've instilled in him will follow him through life. Other ideas and concepts, he'll change and make his own.

As my kids grow up and tackle their own beginnings, I take on a few of my own. My first novel came out over the summer so I am learning how to market and promote my work and myself. I graded for my green belt in karate at the beginning of September, a huge step for me. Karate has always been something my husband and kids did, I washed gis, drove the kids to lessons and sat watching. Now I'm a karate-ka, a karate student, and will attend my first camp on my son's campus in October.

Being a writer, my creative time becomes scarce over the summer while the kids are home. In September is when I can begin creating anew. Sit and organize and plan and tidy up the summer sand from my workspace. New paper, new pens, new folders, new perspective.

September is when I begin anew.

Sip your coffee, sit back and click on the links to see what author Beverly Bateman thinks about September!




  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember fondly starting school each year and our trip to Sears to get our new clothing. Although I never went to college, I married at eighteen and started a new life in a home away from my parents. I enjoyed your post and I'm glad we've met.

  2. I always loved the beginning of school, too. My daughter Lily doesn't. Many of her friends don't either. I don't really understand that, but school has changed a lot since we were kids. LOL Of course, I was always ready for summer, too. :D

  3. Hmm, I left a comment here earlier, but must have posted wrong. Yeah, September is welcomed by moms! But don't think you'll have tons of time when they've moved out -- a vacuum like that sucks time into all types of endeavors and adventures.

  4. Have a great September, find lots of time to write and congrats on the karate.

  5. Wonderful post. Fall is definitely one of my favorite seasons. And I actually get to see it here in Austria. The southwest is not known for it's seasons and I had missed that so much!

    Good luck with the karate! It's an excellent art. I want to do Tai Chai when I get home.

  6. It's the opposite for me. I "only" work one job, in addition to my writing/blogging/promoting in the summer. The fall brings back school, which means sleeping with my cell phone next to my head, and frequent working as a sub during the day, and my retail job at night, for a 15-hour day that's exhausting. But I still need to keep up with my blogging, and somehow fit in time to write.

    For me, September means another grueling year has begun. Glad to know that some have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this season.


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