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Round Robin Blog Fest Aug 23 2014

      Welcome back to another edition of Round Robin Blog Fest!

Pour a cup of coffee and pull up a chair while we discuss this month's topic:

      "Have you ever read or written a story that had a secondary character take over?"

For those of you who don't know, I have written a series called Wild Blue Mysteries published by Books We Love. The name comes from the detective agency my main character Danny Walker has opened as part of an undercover operation while he is a police officer on the Newville Police force. When I first started writing The Bookstore Lady, one of the secondary characters seemed to struggle with playing second fiddle. Danny, my leading man, suddenly had to compete with his sidekick Leo Blue for the limelight. From Danny's point of view: "Leo, severely wounded while stationed in Afghanistan, was both a former professional boxer and third degree karate black belt. He was the one person Danny wanted to have watch his back..."

Leo Blue remained a secondary character in The Mystery Lady, where mystery writer Lucy first sees him outside her house and labels him the Ponytail Man:  "Ponytail Man's face seemed carved from marble, yet handsome in a rugged way like the photo of the hunk she'd pulled off the Internet. Unlike the male model, this guy scared the crap out of her even from afar."

I'm glad to say the third book in the series, The Bakery Lady, is all Leo's and readers get to know this mystery man a whole lot better. "Leo tossed his cell phone onto the sagging green couch that doubled as his bed by night and sighed. A detective by trade, he wasn't in a big  hurry to take on a new case, not since his nightmares had returned. He blew out a long, bracing breath and reached up to work his hair into a braid. Instead of a foot and a half of red locks, he scrubbed his fingers through the inch-long do he had to endure after Lucy's daughter Gina cut his braid off. Someone fighting cancer somewhere, would get a soft, manageable wig. In return, Leo got a brief bout of the warm fuzzies and cold ears."

I guarantee Leo Blue will hang around for the next two books and will be the male lead in the series finale.

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  1. Oh, that's interesting, Diane. I, too, have had to write a book for one of my secondary characters. Lovely, but challenging. Anne Stenhouse

  2. Love a strong character, great idea to keep the readers interest in him running through a couple books before giving him his story, :)
    Jacquie Biggar

  3. Interesting to see how Leo gets his own story and the way he worked in previous stories. Some characters are just that that good, strong, and that demanding.


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