October Round Robin Blog Fest

Welcome back to another spooky episode of the Round Robin Blog Fest!
This month's topic is:
What's the scariest thing that has happened to you?
I had to think about this one. There are many scary things that have happened to me, but I decided to write about a lighthearted spook I met.

I was about 12 years old at the time and babysitting a herd of kids who had long gone to bed. I was at the age horror movies were beginning to fascinate me and staying up late while babysitting was the only opportunity I had to watch one.

The hour was late on the farm in the middle of nowhere and the only light in the yard came from a bright yard light in front of the house. Since the parents weren't due home for another hour or two, I had a movie on television. I'd taken the opportunity at commercial break to find a snack to enjoy the rest of the movie with. On my way back to the livingroom, I was careful to turn out every light in order to savor the movie in darkness.

As I came around the corner and caught a glimpse out the front window, I saw something that made my heart nearly stop. A large white, shapeless object glided across the yard. I shrieked and nearly dropped my snack. The object moved slowly then came to a stop beneath the light post.

The family's white--very much alive--horse shook then lowered its head to eat.
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.
Needless to say, it wasn't a story I shared with very many people until now! Hope you'll jump over to visit Fiona McGier and see what her scariest thing is!

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  1. The mind is so susceptible, Marci. Very scary for a 12 year=old. Anne Stenhouse

  2. And of course when some of us aren't quite a wake, yet. Apologies, Diane, for post the wrong name. Anne

  3. Let's see, while watching a horror movie, you took part in a horror moment, hmmm, funny how those things happen. Especially for a twelve year-old babysitter! Glad you spook was only a white horse.

  4. My daughter used to babysit at that age also. She was terrified of thunderstorms as a youngster, but having to comfort kids younger than herself who were even more scared helped her overcome that fear.

    Watching scary movies alone is fun until your imagination takes over! Good thing it was only a horse, and that you didn't spill your snack. You'd need sustenance to revive yourself after a fright like that!

  5. HAHAHA, I'm so glad it was just their horse. That's still scary. I grew up out in the country and spent many late nights alone when my parents went out somewhere. Our house was full of odd occurrences as it was. My active imagination did not help. LOL I do not like horror movies, or I never would've gotten any sleep. LOL


  6. Ooooh!n The power of suggestion! Good story!

  7. Great post Diane. I loved it it. First the scary and then the funny.


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