Happy New Year 2022!


If the past two years have taught us anything it is that life is short and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. 

We’ve all lost loved ones, had our jobs change in ways we could never have imagined, and learned more about ourselves and those close to us than ever.

Personally, I've accomplished a few things in 2021:

  • took a playwrighting workshop with Norm Foster.
  • published All That Shines.
  • published Dead without Remorse.
  • continued my relationship with BWL Publishing.
  • became a book coach!
  • returned to the office in July - albeit not my usual office.
  • took a trip in September with my honey to see my family.
  • was finally able to get back into my usual office in November.
  • worked with a few amazing authors to edit their books and help them get one step closer to publishing.
  • volunteering to work on a writers' conference with WCYR.
  • writing with WCYR group once or twice a week.
  • moved in with my honey, two cats, and a dog!
  • dealt with some very serious family issues that we've come through with amazing strength.
  • finally got a car I don't have to share.
  • continuing my Escape with a Writer blog and working with Creative Edge Publicity to add even more great authors.
  • made some great new friends.
  • becoming a board member for the Crime Writers of Canada!
I may have forgotten a few. It was one of those years where the days ran into each other. 

The worst part of the whole year was how hard I was on myself despite the many accomplishments! Imagine publishing two books and working with a publicity agency to promote other authors...I felt the pressure that it still wasn't enough.

I wasn't enough.

Which brings us into 2022.

I've given up on making those resolutions about losing weight and achieving my dreams. To be honest, I've already achieved far more than I'd ever expected. This year has been a challenge both mentally and physically, yet I'm still hard on myself. As if I expect I should be one of those authors who publish a book a month or become a best seller.

My goal for 2022 is to be kinder and more gentle with myself.
To cut myself slack every time I think "I should be doing more."

Already on my calendar are a few things that I'm looking forward to:
  • publishing The Conned Lady in April.
  • publishing Dead Man's Doll in September.
  • continuing Escape with a Writer and my liaison with Creative Edge Publishing.
  • hosting a monthly Coffee Talk for Author Accelerator and talking writing.
  • continuing to write with WCYR.
  • settling into my new role as a board member with Crime Writers of Canada.
  • writing a couple short stories for anthologies.
  • and so many more!
AND doing something just for me. Getting back into yoga and walking.
Things to ease the mental burden that the past few years have taken on me.
Things that will help me to cut myself some slack by looking after ME.

If you'd like a little something fun to pass the time, check out the puzzle I created with my book covers! https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=3cbdd2e385dd

Let me know what your New Year's goals are! 
Leave a comment below...

All the best to you and yours in the coming year,



  1. Definitely cut yourself some slack!! I'm exhausted from reading your accomplishments and goals. LOL You're an awesome lady. Take care of you! We need you around for awhile longer. Sending you peace and love.


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