Saturday, May 28, 2022

Round Robin Blog Fest May 2022


Welcome back to another Round Robin Blog Fest! 

This month's topic is:

What are your favorite things to do when you need to get away from stalled writing? Does it help you to resume with new ideas on the book you are writing?

Stalled writing has definitely been a thing for me lately. Between work and life, I haven’t had the same kind of flow I’ve enjoyed in the past. Most of the time I find there are a few great ways to kick my creativity back into gear:  

  • Going for a walk is a great way to get things moving again! Fresh air, sunshine, and who knows what kinds of inspiration you might find along the way?
  • Focus on something else for a while. Doing dishes, painting, baking, house repairs, anything that keeps my hands busy and lets my mind wander. Next thing I know, I’m ruminating about what’s next for my characters and have to drop everything to make notes.

  •       Getting out of the house and away from my laptop. A change of venue or even a change of routine—especially when you have no paper handy—can trigger the arrival of fresh ideas.
  •       Take a shower or a bath. No idea what it is with water, but it always relaxes the body and allows the mind to simmer. It’s the one place I have no distractions. Unless my cat decides he’d like to hang out and play with bubbles in the tub.
  •       If I’m really struggling, I’ll print a copy of my book and sit somewhere quiet to read/edit. That’s when I’ll find a monkey wrench to throw at my main character or a new character will come along who shakes things up.
  •       Sometimes, I’ll work on something else for a while just to get a new idea out of my head, then return to the stalled book and be able to move ahead. In the worst case scenario, a project gets shelved for a month or so then I can come back at it with fresh eyes.  

Let's find out how the other writers in the group make it through their works in progress! Hop on over to meet the Round Robin crew!

Skye Taylor

Dr. Bob Rich

Connie Vines

Anne Stenhouse

A.J. Maguire

Rhobin Courtright


  1. What exactly is it about water that loosens the creative brain? The shower always brings me that quippy line a character needs to say and I'm desperate to write it down the moment I get out.

  2. Quite a few of us like to get away from the screen and into the open air. I love walking around my area and making up scenarios about folk who might have lived in the houses. Sometimes my subconscious is working on the block, too. Anne

  3. Leaving the computer screen for walk, water, or work seems to be the cure for many writing problems for all of us. Loved your photos and suggestions.

  4. It seems every writer - or most of the writers I know hit a patch of black ice over this whole Covid thing and skidded out of control and away from their routines and stories. Hopefully that is a thing of the past. But I do have to agree with you that there is something about water that triggers ideas. For me it usually the ocean aka a walk on the beach, but taking a shower seems to be equally productive.


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