A Desperate Cat Lady, Book Two of The Cat Lady Series by DC Gomez


The Saga Returns as The Cat Lady is Back!!! 

A Desperate Cat Lady

Book Two of The Cat Lady Series 

Released by Gomez Expeditions

The book is available worldwide in digital and print format


Illegal guns. Dangerous old-ladies. Now a dead body. Angela’s life is getting more complicated by the minute.

A boring life is not in Angela’s future, with her being a black market guns dealer. Tripping over a dead-body is now bringing a lot more attention from law enforcement than she cares to have.

If only she could get control of the Silver Hair Gang, and their quest to find the killer themselves. Angela is running out of time to secure her next arms deal, and save her family from an unknown killer.

* A Desperate Cat Lady is book two in the Contemporary Humorous Fiction series The Cat Lady. Angela’s life drastically changed when she transitioned from depressed cat lady to arms dealer. Now she is willing to take on the world to protect her family and her empire.

A Desperate Cat Lady : Gomez, D. C.: Amazon.ca: Books 

A Desperate Cat Lady (The Cat Lady): Gomez, D. C.: 9798986537429: Amazon.com: Books

What readers and critics are saying about DC Gomez:

“I enjoy the Cat Lady books. This one took me a minute to get back into the story line (I should have re-read the 1st book). But I easily remembered the fun and quirky characters. As always, quite the unexpected adventure and great to watch them figure out the mystery and claim it.” _ Saxy D


“D.C. Gomez delivers another fun and crazy mystery with Angela and the Silver Haired Gang. Can't wait for book 3!” _ LM Texan


“I am so happy I read this story! It's not at all what you think it's going to be! I loved the snark, I loved the humor, I loooooooove The Silver Hair Gang, and you have to love Bonnie & Clyde (the cats)? I mean, when a woman puts her mind to getting back to living after a dirty rotten scoundrel leaves you high and dry? How can this not be the best story ever?” _ BookLvrKat


Other Books in The Series:

What would you do if you had nothing to lose?

Angela has reached the end of her rope. Bills are piling up, money is sparse, and her two-timing ex-husband traded her in for a “Barbie” lookalike. Depression and lack of hope put her in a world filled with never-ending pain, and when she loses the one thing she has left—her will to live—she knows there’s nothing left to go back to. Until an unexpected knock on her door wakes her up.

The lonely, sad cat lady comes face to face with a new and exciting opportunity, if only she grabs the bull by the horns and accepts. When she does, she learns of a crazy family secret, but she also finds a way to save herself, and the people she loves most.

The Cat Lady Special is a story of second chances, discovering your inner savior, and of finding hope in the most unexpected places. It will appeal to fans of “How Stella Got her Groove Back” and “Breaking Bad.”


The Cat Lady (2 book series) Paperback Edition (amazon.com)


The Cat Lady Special : Gomez, D. C.: Amazon.ca: Books

About The Author


D. C. Gomez is an award-winning USA Today Bestselling Author, podcaster, motivational speaker, and coach. Born in the Dominican Republic, she grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. D. C. studied film and television at New York University. After college she joined the US Army, and proudly served for four years.

D. C. has a Master’s Degree in Science Administration from the Central Michigan University, as well as a Master in Adult Education from Texas A&M - Texarkana University.  She is a certified John Maxwell Team speaker and coach, and a certified meditation instructor from the Chopra Center.

One of D. C. passions is helping those around her overcome their self-limiting beliefs.  She writes both non-fiction and fiction books, ranging from Urban Fantasy to Children’s Books. To learn more about her books and her passion, you can find her at www.dcgomez-author.com. 

To request additional review copies or an interview with DC Gomez, please contact Mickey Mikkelson at Creative Edge Publicity: mickey.creativeedge@gmail.com / 403.464.6925.    We look forward to the coverage!


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