Sunday, December 28, 2014

Taking Time for Mom

 As I sit and stare at the remains of Christmas, I can't help but wonder what 2015 will hold in store. This past year has been very busy! I've had three books released - The Mystery Lady (March), The Bakery Lady (Sept) and Death of a Jaded Samurai (November). I've done a few author events, taken on a second part-time job, and been overwhelmed with many things in both my personal and professional life that have made me seriously consider major life changes. 

Yet, here I sit.

Over the next year:

  • I have a deadline looming for Murder of a Fallen Fighter (Book 2 in my Yin-Yang Series).
  • I need to finish The Painted Lady (Book 4 in my Wild Blue Mysteries Series).
  • I want to grade for my Brown Belt in karate.
  • I want to integrate both Yoga and Meditation into my life to help keep my sanity. Eventually becoming a Yoga Teacher one day.
  • I'd love to keep in touch and spend more time with my friends and family (even though they're 2,000 miles away!) Going to Las Vegas this fall with my mom, brother and sister-in-law was a definite start!
  • I need to become more balanced and not let the negative things others say affect me so deeply.
  • I want to map out several more books for over the next few years. The ideas are there, I just need to make a plan. Including one fabulous idea given to me by a neighbour. Lots of research needed for that one!
Baby steps - just as in the movie "What About Bob?" with Bill Murray. Whenever I have a large task to get through, I break it down into a series of baby steps.

Bob Wiley: (to himself) steps get on the bus, baby steps down the aisle, baby steps...

I wish you all a wonderful 2015 filled with both big events and baby steps,
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December Round Robin Blog Fest

Our Merry Christmas Blog Fest!

Welcome back! 'Tis the season for fun, food and visiting with friends. Today's topic is about hope, love, forgiveness, Christmas, or a special gift. I've chosen to use an excerpt from one of my new books The Bakery Lady. Christina Davidson is struggling with keeping the Christmas spirit after losing her mother and feels the sting of not being able to fill her mother's shoes. 
I do hope you enjoy not only my excerpt, but the recipe for Gingerbread Cookies that I've included! excerpt from The Bakery Lady (Books We Love Ltd.)

     Christina squeezed a solid line of icing down the edge of the wall. Her focus never wavered. She set the wall on the foil-wrapped cardboard and held it in place with one hand while she added the second wall. One by one, she assembled all four walls and held them in place with bowls. Only then did her gaze stray to the ornate tree in the corner.
     Her mom had loved Christmas Eve. The lights, the music, the commotion, it was all right up her alley. Every year, she would make a huge gingerbread house to feed all of her customers at the bakery who stopped in for their last minute Christmas treats. Christina and her brother Clancy got to decorate it with candies, cookies and chocolates.
     This year it was up to Christina.
     Scattered on the table were bowls of candy and chocolates. She would get to them soon enough. For now, she had to figure out how to put the roof on and keep it in place. Did she put them on one at a time and let the icing set in between? Did she put both halves on at the same time? Did she just give up and break it into chunks and say there was an earthquake?
     Building a gingerbread house wasn’t as easy as her mom had made it look. Nothing was ever as easy as her mom had made it look. Even her death was a graceful exit from this world to the next. A peaceful smile, a squeeze of her hand and she was gone. At least that was what her father had told her. Christina wasn't able to say good-bye. He'd been too stubborn to call her. Her mom's cancer, to him, had been little more than an over-exaggerated stomach ache.
     She set one side of the roof in place then eased on the second slope. The roof collapsed first then the walls. She stood, frozen in place, and stared. Then she swore a blue streak.
     "Take a deep breath." Her mother's words came back to calm her.
     Christina blew out a frustrated breath then inhaled. It seemed her mom remained with her in spirit while she scraped off the old icing then held the sides upright on the foil-covered cardboard. Instinct guided her to add extra icing to the inside. This time, the structure stood firm.
     She smiled. "Okay. We're halfway there."
     The roof was trickier but didn't slide off this time. She sat back and admired her handiwork. "That's much better."
     She spread a layer of icing on top and added candy after candy until the whole thing looked like one of her mother’s mouth-watering creations. Not quite as perfect but instinctively she knew it was good enough. Her customers would be touched by the tribute to their favorite baker.
     She smiled.
     Her mom would have been proud.

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups shortening
1 1/2 cups dark molasses
3/4 cup water
7 1/2 cups flour
2 1/4 tsp salt
2 1/4 tsp ground ginger
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp ground allspice
Beat sugar, shortening, molasses and water in a large bowl on medium speed for 1 minute.
Stir in remaining ingredients except raisins. Cover & refrigerate until chilled, 1-2 hours.
Heat oven to 375 degrees.
Roll dough 1/4 inch thick on lightly floured cloth-covered surface. Cut with gingerbread men cutter. Lift cookies carefully onto ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake until set, 8-10 minutes; cool 3 minutes.
Carefully remove from cookie sheet; cool. Decorate with frosting, if desired.

Thank you for joining us on our Christmas Round Robin Blog Fest! Now off to visit the talented Rachel Kosnski and read her story about hope, love, forgiveness, Christmas, or a special gift.
Please be sure to check out the other writers on tour and show them all some love! 
Merry Christmas to all!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Virtual Cookie Blog Hop!

You know those cookie exchanges that are so popular during the holiday season? The ones where you bake  dozens of the same kind of cookies to take to a party where you give them away by the dozen to other participants in exchange for a dozen of theirs?

Well, it turns out you can't really do one of those on the internet, but you can host a Virtual Cookie Exchange, and that's exactly what I'm a part of this month. A Cooke Blog Hop courtesy of my lovely friend and author at Gemma Halliday Publishing, Ellie Ashe! This is my Peppermint Cookie Gingerbread Recipe will appear on my blog Dec 20 so be sure to come back for that one as well!
Peppermint Christmas Cookies

Sift together in bowl and reserve:
         2 3/4 cups flour
         1 tsp baking powder
         1/2 tsp salt

Put:  3/4 cup soft margarine in large bowl

Add:  1 cup sugar
         2 eggs
         1 tsp peppermint (or any other flavor extract)
Beat with mixer or wooden spoon  until mixture is light and fluffy.

Beat in flour mixture, blending until smooth.
Chill 1 hour or until firm.

Roll out onto floured surface to 1/8 inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutters.
Put on cookie sheets and bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
Decorate as desired.

Merry Christmas to All....

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1 2014 until January 31, 2015

    19 holiday short stories by 19 New York Times, USA Today and award winning authors!
Enjoy these tales of mystery, romance, and laughter

amid the backdrop of pine trees, gingerbread men, and Santas galore!

The perfect short bites for cozying up by the fire with a cup of 
cocoa...or waiting in line at gift wrapping!

Stories include:

Rosolio Red (Franki Amato Mysteries) by Traci Andrighetti
Chasing Tinsel (Miranda Vaughn Mysteries ) by Ellie Ashe
Death of a Christmas Witch (A Crewel to be Kind Mini Mystery) by Diane Bator
Queenie Baby: Pass the Eggnog (Queenie Baby Mysteries) by Christina A. Burke
The Holiday Inside Job by Mary Jo Burke
Hard to Catch a Christmas Thief (Hard Targets) by Wendy Byrne
A Christmas Ghost & Zero Regrets (Dead by the Numbers Mysteries) by Jennifer Fischetto
Christmas Canap├ęs & Sabotage (Culinary Competition Mysteries) by Janel Gradowski
Christmas in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries) by Gemma Halliday
Christmas Al Dente (Southern Pasta Shop Mysteries) by Jennifer L. Hart
Santa Claus, Lies, and Murder (Amber Fox Mysteries) by Sibel Hodge
A (Gingerbread) Diorama of Death (Helen Binney Mysteries) by Gin Jones
Mini Pie the Christmas Spy! (Mini Pie Mysteries) by Libby LaManna
Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas (Greatest Hits Mysteries) by Leslie Langtry Ornamental Danger (Working Stiff Mysteries) by Kerri Nelson
Motion for Mistletoe (Jamie Winters Mysteries) by Kelly Rey
Christmas in Venice by Maria Grazia Swan
Baby, It's Cold Outside (Tahoe Tessie Mysteries) by T. Sue VerSteeg
Santa's Little Mistake by Stacey Wiedower
This book will only be available December 1 – January 31, 2015
Get your Copy Today Here!


Monday, November 24, 2014

"Knot in My Backyard" by Mary Marks

I was lucky enough to receive and advance copy of "Knot in My Backyard" from Kensington Books in exchange for an honest review BUT I was already a big fan after Mary's wonderful first book "Forget Me Knot." So what's Mary Marks' new book about?

Baseball may be America's official pastime, but for Martha Rose and her friends, quilting is far more fun...and a lot less dangerous.
A diamond brocade pattern is more quilter Martha Rose's style than a baseball diamond--especially when it comes to the new eyesore of a stadium ruining her lovely San Fernando Valley neighborhood. Martha doesn't know a bunt from a bundt cake, but when she stumbles upon the battered body of baseball coach Dax Martin, she doesn't need a scorecard to know it's foul play. LAPD homicide detective Arlo Beavers is convinced one of her neighbors is responsible. But Martha and her fellow quilters Lucy and Birdie soon discover a whole field of suspects who might have wanted to take the coach out of the game permanently...

When Martha Rose stumbles across a dead body while on a walk one day as part of her latest weight loss plan, she stets off a chain of events that involves a group of homeless people, a motorcycle gang, and a giant of a man she refers to as a golem. Martha is a middle-aged, down to earth character who is thrust into several situations her conscience can't let her back out of and she is determined to discover who killed the baseball coach - in spite of the advice of her boyfriend Arlo Beavers. While she doesn't always make the safest decisions, Martha pokes her nose into a few dangerous situations and is lucky there is always someone there to save her.

Not being Jewish, I found I did stumble over some of the words Ms. Marks uses, but the charm and "homey" sense of the novel made it work and answered any questions I may have had. "Knot in My Backyard" neatly answers the question of who killed Dax Martin, but it also leaves us with a graceful lead in to Ms. Marks' next book to find out what will happen next in Martha Rose's romantic life.

You can find "Knot in My Backyard" on Amazon. Simply click on the book title!

Find more books by Mary Marks here.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 2014 Round Robin Blog Fest

Welcome back to another episode of the Round Robin Blog Fest!! This month's topic is:

What is your favorite food or meal?

Hmmm....this wasn't an easy one. I love all kinds of food, except cabbage rolls, I don't like cabbage rolls. (Sorry, Mom.)
When I think about foods that mean a lot to me, the two tops are my favorite Christmas treats: Gingerbread and Baked Caramel Corn. YUM! There is a good reason why I only make them to enjoy at Christmas and give most of it away. I've discovered it's the one treat a lot of my friends won't make since it is a finicky recipe, but they all love receiving along with both gingerbread and peppermint cookies. Yes, my house smells amazing around this time of year!
My late mother-in-law came across this recipe long before my kids were born and it quickly became a family favorite. Sweet and crunchy--especially when you add nuts!--as the cookbook says "WARNING - it's addictive!" Many a waistband has exploded after consuming copious quantities of the stuff!

I do hope you'll try my recipe. Make sure to follow the directions carefully, the caramel has to be just right or it won't work.
Baked Caramel Corn

1 cup butter
2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla
6 quarts popped corn

Preheat oven to 250F (120C)
Melt butter in a medium saucepan. Stir in brown sugar, corn syrup, and salt.
Bring to a boil for 5 minutes (this is the finicky part!!) DO NOT STIR!
Remove from heat and add baking soda and vanilla.
Put popped corn in a well-greased roaster. 
Gradually pour syrup over, stir well and bake 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes.
Happy Munching!!

Still hungry? Why don't we go over and see what Beverley Bateman enjoys to eat?
And if you have a large appetite, drop on by the other authors in the Round Robin Blog Fest to see what they like to munch...

Skye Taylor:
Ginger Simpson:
Helena Fairfax:

Happy Reading!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Death of a Jaded Samurai Available Nov 3 2014

I am so excited to announce the release of my new novel DEATH OF A JADED SAMURAI
November 3!

Gilda Wright thinks she's landed a dream job managing a karate school. Sure, her boss, Sensei Mick Williams, is almost as demanding as he is sexy, but Gilda is inspired by the strength of people around her and hopes to absorb some of that into her own life. But when Gilda finds the body of one of the instructors laying in the dojo with a sword though his chest, suddenly she must find her own inner strength and fast! The police see everyone as a suspect, including her boss, and it's up to Gilda to find out what really happened. She follows the clues of the missing scroll of the Four Possessions of the Samurai down a deadly path filled with lies, deceit, and poisoned ninja stars! If she doesn't watch her step, she just may become the killer's next sparring partner.

To order your copy today, go to:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Round Robin Blog Fest

Welcome back to another spooky episode of the Round Robin Blog Fest!
This month's topic is:
What's the scariest thing that has happened to you?
I had to think about this one. There are many scary things that have happened to me, but I decided to write about a lighthearted spook I met.

I was about 12 years old at the time and babysitting a herd of kids who had long gone to bed. I was at the age horror movies were beginning to fascinate me and staying up late while babysitting was the only opportunity I had to watch one.

The hour was late on the farm in the middle of nowhere and the only light in the yard came from a bright yard light in front of the house. Since the parents weren't due home for another hour or two, I had a movie on television. I'd taken the opportunity at commercial break to find a snack to enjoy the rest of the movie with. On my way back to the livingroom, I was careful to turn out every light in order to savor the movie in darkness.

As I came around the corner and caught a glimpse out the front window, I saw something that made my heart nearly stop. A large white, shapeless object glided across the yard. I shrieked and nearly dropped my snack. The object moved slowly then came to a stop beneath the light post.

The family's white--very much alive--horse shook then lowered its head to eat.
I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.
Needless to say, it wasn't a story I shared with very many people until now! Hope you'll jump over to visit Fiona McGier and see what her scariest thing is!

Feel free to check out the other participating Authors: 
Heidi M:
Skye Taylor
Anne Stenhouse
A.J. Maguire
Rachel Kosnski
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Geeta Kakade
Marci Baun
Beverley Bateman
Victoria Chatham
Diane Bator
Fiona McGier
Rita Karnopp  
Ginger Simpson
Rhobin Courtright

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September slipping away...

Wow has September slipped away! Between training a new employee, learning a new job, having company from the US & Alberta, and getting three kids off to school, writing time has been at a premium. That doesn't mean the ideas aren't churning.

This fall I was blessed to be part of a team who ran 100km as part of the Sears Great Canadian Run to raise money for kids cancer. None of us are real runners (well, there was that one guy...), but we all came together to run, raise money, and have a great time. What an amazing experience. From cheering on people who ran the whole 100km and anyone else who ran the course, to high fives and hugs at the finish line, we became not only this great martial arts family, but a team to the core. No one was left out or left behind. No one was chastised for being too slow or having to just walk a majority of their leg (that would be me!). We were all amazed when our ragtag team came in 4th out of 50 teams running. I still get goosebumps.

I have much this same experience working for a new magazine out of the US called BTSeMag. I have to say I applied on a bit of a whim to be an Author Liaison, but this past month has taught me a lot about myself and my stubborn streak.

No matter how hard things became - both on my 5km leg of the run and in my new job - I don't give up. I persevere. Which is why I sit here with three books published, one on the way this fall, one or two on the way next year, a short story due in January to the magazine, AND I'll be gearing to grade for my brown belt in karate next year.

The moral of the story? When things get tough and look their worst, don't fold. Don't give in. Don't let life beat you down.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School!!

Two of my kids started back to school today. For the first time, I was "banned" from the First Day of School by my 13 year old who chose to walk with his buddy to school. I have to admit, I wasn't totally upset. I saw it coming. He's humored me in the past couple of years since his older brother started high school. I walked with him more to get out of the house than in fear of him being snatched or anything. I loved the one-on-one time. The fact that I wasn't allowed to hug him within 500 feet of the school has been agreed upon since Kindergarten when he first told me "Not in front of the guys!"

My high school kid, ran out of the house so fast this morning you would have thought rabid dogs were after him. I guess he was afraid I'd catch up! Just kidding. He was in a huge hurry to get to school and change a couple courses, as well as seeing the buddies he hasn't seen all summer. I can't blame him.

The oldest moved out for his second year of University this weekend. He's got a great apartment in a perfect location and loves the independence. Of course, I've been getting texts all morning as he sorts out his student card, changes his schedule, discovered there's a buffet breakfast this morning on campus and so on. I thank God and the phone companies for the ability to text and keep up with his busy life.

Since the house is quiet, I've been restless. September, for me, is the real New Year. New books, new papers, new pens...that's just for me. Good thing the kids didn't need anything yet.

I love the smell of autumn, the Indian Summer days, the excitement that crackles in the air almost as loud as the leaves. It won't be long until the fuzzy sweaters and socks have to come out of the closet and the shorts get packed away. 

Along with the cooler air, comes my two new releases!
Both The Mystery Lady (Books We Love) and Death of a Jaded Samurai (Gemma Halliday Publishing) are scheduled for release in November. 

On top of it all, I've opened my e-mail to those seeking an editor. I have done some editing in the past as a courtesy for a few writers, but it's time for me to make it an equal exchange. While my prices are low for now, I will raise them in January. Check out my editing webpage at Diane Bator, Editor.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Bookaholics Blog Tour

As part of The Bookaholic's Book Tour, I am tooting my own horn today and chatting about my novels!

My series, Wild Blue Mysteries, is set in the fictional town of Packham, based on my current home town, and set in New York State. Why New York when I live in Canada? Advice from a writing friend. On his advice, I change settings and never looked back. Interestingly enough, my second series will be set in an actual town in New York State that I have fictionalized to the point it only resembles half the original town.

Wild Blue Mysteries is a five book series which tells the story of a group of three detectives who work for the Wild Blue Detective Agency. When Danny Walker starts up the agency, he is a cop and the agency is a cover for him to get involved with some local crime bosses who are looking for a mole in their organization. Thus begins the series.

Book 1: The Bookstore Lady
            Danny Walker is tracking Paulina Chourney who fell deep into the dark side of life and is lucky to get out before her boyfriend Maddox kills her. She escapes Maddox and arrives in a small town, which she sees as a blessing in disguise since the men she worked for would never think to look for her in a lazy, backwater place like Packham. She changes her name to Katie Mullins, makes a deal on a little bookstore and joins a local writing group then successfully fades into anonymity. Until Danny Walker shows up to visit family and figures out who she is.
            When Paulina catches her 80-year-old landlady sneaking out in the middle of the night, the bad guys catch up to her and Danny disappears. She has to choose between spending her life on the run or standing up to face her past. Hopefully, before the quirky townsfolk turn her death into a spectacle.

Book 2: The Mystery Lady
             Danny Walker used to enjoy chasing criminals, but after being kidnapped and nearly killed, he longs to close the Wild Blue Detective Agency and live a simpler life as a mechanic. Forced to take leave from the police force, he has a long way to go to convince the shrink he's even close to sane, especially when he helps his former partner solve a series of murders, which endanger the woman he's tailing.
           Wanna-be writer Lucy Stephen never wrote about murder until her husband moved out and she thinks some man in a blue car is stalking her. When her husband and his girlfriend take her kids on vacation, Lucy discovers a hidden package of jewelry that her husband desperately wants back. The more she learns about the assorted pieces, the more Lucy realizes she may never see her kids again and needs to fight back with the help of the very man who stalks her.

Available later this year!  Book 3:  The Bakery Lady
            From the moment Leo Blue meets the tattoo artist's sister Christina, he's drawn into a web of bread dough and lies. Christina Davidson has returned to Packham with a duffle bag full of secrets. Leo soon discovers her biggest secret's are her alter ego and her husband who stands accused of murdering an up-and-coming artist. He promises to help set things straight and plans to bring husband and wife together for Christmas - even if it costs him his sanity and the love of his life.

So there you have it, the first three books in the Wild Blue Mysteries series and there are still two more to come. I do hope you'll check them out and follow me on the adventure.
You can order my books online on at: Diane Bator, Author
As well as on and!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Round Robin Blog Fest Aug 23 2014

      Welcome back to another edition of Round Robin Blog Fest!

Pour a cup of coffee and pull up a chair while we discuss this month's topic:

      "Have you ever read or written a story that had a secondary character take over?"

For those of you who don't know, I have written a series called Wild Blue Mysteries published by Books We Love. The name comes from the detective agency my main character Danny Walker has opened as part of an undercover operation while he is a police officer on the Newville Police force. When I first started writing The Bookstore Lady, one of the secondary characters seemed to struggle with playing second fiddle. Danny, my leading man, suddenly had to compete with his sidekick Leo Blue for the limelight. From Danny's point of view: "Leo, severely wounded while stationed in Afghanistan, was both a former professional boxer and third degree karate black belt. He was the one person Danny wanted to have watch his back..."

Leo Blue remained a secondary character in The Mystery Lady, where mystery writer Lucy first sees him outside her house and labels him the Ponytail Man:  "Ponytail Man's face seemed carved from marble, yet handsome in a rugged way like the photo of the hunk she'd pulled off the Internet. Unlike the male model, this guy scared the crap out of her even from afar."

I'm glad to say the third book in the series, The Bakery Lady, is all Leo's and readers get to know this mystery man a whole lot better. "Leo tossed his cell phone onto the sagging green couch that doubled as his bed by night and sighed. A detective by trade, he wasn't in a big  hurry to take on a new case, not since his nightmares had returned. He blew out a long, bracing breath and reached up to work his hair into a braid. Instead of a foot and a half of red locks, he scrubbed his fingers through the inch-long do he had to endure after Lucy's daughter Gina cut his braid off. Someone fighting cancer somewhere, would get a soft, manageable wig. In return, Leo got a brief bout of the warm fuzzies and cold ears."

I guarantee Leo Blue will hang around for the next two books and will be the male lead in the series finale.

Be sure to stop by and visit Margaret Fieland who is next on the tour and have a lovely weekend!
Hopefully you get a chance to stop and see the other amazing authors who are a part of this tour:

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Exciting Week!

I've had a bit of a struggle lately to get things done and organized. Suddenly within a couple days, I have even more things on my plate! Far from feeling overwhelmed, I'm energized. Why?

1) I received a 2 book contract offer from Gemma Halliday Publishing for Death of a Jaded Samurai and a second book. Woohoo!! I love this series and have been waiting patiently for a publisher to pick it up.

2) I submitted the third book in my Wild Blue Mysteries series, The Bakery Lady, and got the cover art back. The Bakery Lady will be released in time for Christmas! I have arranged with BWL to release two more books in this series before we end it. That means 2 more books to write!

3) On a whim, I applied for a job at BTS emagazine and GOT IT! Starting in September, I will be the new Author Liaison for BTS. Not a huge job, but it should be fun and a great experience.

4) While talking to someone the other day, they told me how much I inspire them, which was really great to hear! I know my kids tell me that all the time, but from a total stranger it was amazing!

5) Last, but certainly not least! I've started my own Editing business. I know my start up prices are low, but I will raise them in 2015 as I gain experience. I posted my information on Facebook and had someone inquire a day later. I'm hoping this will become something that will start to pay bills one day!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me! I hope you will continue to support me in the future!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Special Guest Appearance!

I will be appearing on Southern Writers Magazine Blog "Suite T" on Aug 4, 2014 to chat about the excuses we make as writers. Be sure to stop by and say hello. 

I also appear tomorrow (Aug 3) on my publisher's blog: Inside Books We Love.

What else have I been up to since I haven't updated my own blog in a while? A lovely vacation with the kids to the beach. We had a great time playing miniature golf, checking out a lighthouse, swimming in Lake Huron, riding a Yak Board, eating spider dogs and hanging out with some fabulous friends! 

A walk upon the beach every day is great for the soul! All the little things were washed away we were left with laughs and a tan. 

The great news is The Bookstore Lady and The Mystery Lady are both being released into print soon from Books We Love Ltd. and will be available in bookstore catalogues soon! Pictures will follow. 
I have also finished edits on Death of a Jaded Samurai, which is back in the hands of my wonderful agent. Fingers crossed as she submits my book to a promising publisher. 
In the meantime, I have a zillions things to update and some final edits to The Bakery Lady for November release. So glad I've had a few days to kick back and relax! I'll be back to work in full force next week.

Hope you all get time to relax and pick up a good book!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Blog Hop - What I Write and Don't Write

Paul Carr invited me to join in a blog hop with authors talking about what they write and what they don't write. Today, this is about all I'll get to write as I'm preparing for a company picnic tomorrow! So how did I get involved in this? It all started with Paul who writes:

Dr. Joan Curtis recently tagged me for this blog hop to post my version of "What 3 Things Do You Write? What 3 Things Don't You Write?" Dr. Curtis is an award winning writer who has published 5 books and numerous stories. Her newest mystery/suspense novel, The Clock Strikes Midnight will be released this fall. 

So what do I write? The 3 things I prefer to write are:

Cozy Mystery: I am currently editing my newest novel, a cozy set in a small Great Lakes town. It's the first book I've written that is only on one point-of-view and has a little more romance than any of the others I've written.
Young Adult: I have written many stories and novellas over the years, most of which reside in my closet. Bit by bit, as my work is published, I am unearthing and revamping the older books, many of which are Young Adult. Being the mom of 3 teenage boys, this seems like a good area to dabble in!
Short Stories: One of the things I love to do in my writing group is work from prompts. In fact, that is where a great many of my short stories--and novels--are born. I do have a collection of short stories I'm pulling together. All I need is a serious edit, and a few more stories!

The 3 Things I don't write are:

Erotica: I have many friends who write erotica and hard-core romance novels. Somehow, I just can't bring myself to write "those" kinds of scenes. Maybe it's hearing my mom's voice in my ear saying, "I can't believe you'd write something like that!"
Science Fiction: While I love to create new places, new people, new situations, the thought of creating whole new worlds is a bit overwhelming.
Horror: Things that go bump in the night are the last things I want to think about. I've never been a horror movie buff, yet love to read Stephen King and John Saul. I've just never tried to write like them.

Glad you popped by. Feel free to visit Paul Carr and say hello. A fellow mystery writer, his Sam MacKenzie books are a lot of fun and adventure all set in the tropics of the Florida Keys.
Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Summer in the Life of...

Run or Dye Toronto 2014

I'm a bit laid up this summer. I've pushed so hard to do a 5km run and my Blue belt grading in karate, that I've injured my knee. A minor thing that a bit of rest will help, if I can sit still. In the meantime, I'm embarking on a new venture! Not only am I actually updating my own blog for the first time in...I've offered to do blogs for my publisher Books We Love on their blog page starting this week on July 3.

What else is in store this summer? A few trips to the beach, a lot of walking, and an awesome retreat weekend with girlfriends!
With The Bookstore Lady and The Mystery Lady published and for sale, it's been nice to take a few days to sit back and enjoy Canada Day and my family. It's easier to take a break when Book #3, The Bakery Lady, is DONE and off to my beta readers! After a few days of forced rest, my brain is churning with ideas for Books #4 and 5.

As for Death of a Jaded Samurai, my agent Dawn is still seeking a publisher. Keeping my fingers crossed for some wonderful news this summer! Watch for more updates!