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2015 has been a long, hard road...

I've been really bad about posting to my blog for so many reasons this year. One of which has been my health, dealing with doctor appointments, MRIs, and test after test. My body has become inflamed and stiff with arthritis to the point I've had to give up karate classes and even walking long distances, both things I've loved to do for years. I've been unable to life things and even little things like doing laundry and housecleaning have become major ordeals. I've been left to do these things alone. Even before my husband decided to move on to take a job in another country. Once more, his career comes before his family's concerns or needs. The kids and I will have to find somewhere else to live and I will have to take a full time job. Working part time and writing has never been acceptable. Yet, through it all I am trying hard to stay positive. I have discovered aquafit classes and do them a couple times a week. Through doing these classes, I have also l

Round Robin Blog Fest November 2015

Welcome to another session of the Round Robin Blog Fest!   Fall has settled in and the Santa Claus parades have begun here in Canada. I have my Christmas lights up and this is the time of year I seek, not only gift ideas for family and friends, but ways to make life better for others. This year for Christmas, a friend of mine is helping someone gather enough winter hats, mittens, and socks for a homeless shelter. That was my most recent act of kindness that made me feel good, despite a lot of challenges in my own life right now. Ironically, today's blog them is:  Tell when you either performed or received a random act of kindness that made your day better. Right away, I thought of the best one that we've ever performed that ended up making a world of difference to a neighbour.  My kids don't exactly love to shovel snow, but they do love to do good deeds for others - a lot of the time without taking any credit - and not once have they ever asked for money. When we

Halloween Round Robin Blog Fest October 24th

Happy Halloween! This month's Round Robin Topic is:  Do you believe in angels, spirits, ghosts, demons or other ethereal beings or locations? What do you think when they appear in stories? Have you used them in your own stories? Wow! Hard to believe it's already that time of year again. Halloween is one of my favorites. Every year I am involved with a Haunted Dojo (basically a fun Haunted House, but built in a karate school) and get to meet and greet dozens of trick-or-treaters. I love the magic of the holiday as well as the way we are able to suspend all belief in the way things "should be" for "what is possible." Including how we are more willing to think about spirits, ghosts and demons, even for just a couple of days. I used to love to read stories of the paranormal and have actually edited a couple. A well written book of any sort can get me to suspend all belief in reality. Something spooky and logically done, could totally convince me it is
Oh my! I have been away from my blog for a little while, but for a few good reasons. I am hard at work on Book #3 of my Gilda Wright Mystery series:  Life is Better Brunette which is due to my agent in a couple of weeks. In this book, Gilda meets her match in the form of a psychic who worms her way into Kane Garrick's life. Is this psychic the real deal or is there more to her than meets the eye? I have also have also been dealing with some health issues, one of which is being tested for arthritis in my back, hips, knees, and ankles. Not a fun thing to deal with, but once I have a proper diagnosis, I'll be able to deal with the pain and move forward. It may also mean a change of residence due to the abundance of stairs in my current home. My oldest son moved out on his own this fall. Not to school this time, he's working and taking care of himself for real now. I'm very proud of him! Of course, there will be many more changes and other things going on, but for

July 25th Round Robin Blog Fest

Welcome back to the Round Robin Blog Fest! H ow do you like our new logo?  I sure hope you're enjoying the glory days of summer, I know I am!  Before we get into the question of the month, I'd like to announce that there will be a new book in my Gilda Wright Mystery series coming November 1st.  I am currently knee deep in writing  Life is Better Brunette for Gemma Halliday Publishing. How exciting! Now on to this month's topic: Have you used pets or other animals in your stories? What function do they perform in the story? Do they need to have a function? Can they be a character? Up until recently, I have rarely used an animal in any of my books or stories. In a new book I'm working on a book for Gemma Halliday Publishing as part of their Danger Cove series, my main character, Laken, finds an Old English Sheepdog puppy and takes it in without realizing the downside of owning a teething dog. Not only does Sammy become her sidekick since she can't leave him

RELEASE DAY for Hardheaded Brunette!

I am SO proud to announce the release of my second book in the Gilda Wright Mystery Series HARDHEADED BRUNETTE from Gemma Halliday Publishing!! What's Hardheaded Brunette about? Gilda Wright's life seems to finally be on track. Her love life is looking up with her hot boss, Mick, and she's planning and promoting a grand opening extravaganza for his new martial arts school. But things go awry when their special guest referee for the opening's exhibition match is found dead on the beach. To make matters worse, the school's sexy new weapons instructor, Kane Garrick, stands accused of his murder. In spite of her promise to Mick and to nearly everyone else in town not to get involved, Gilda--a.k.a. the Brunette Sherlock--wades into danger one more time. The only question is, can Gilda catch a killer before the killer catches up to her? Both Hardheaded Brunette and the first book in my series, Can't Keep a Brunette Down, are only 99c for a limited time! Get

Are Romance Novels a Thing of the Past?

Welcome back to another episode of the ROUND ROBIN BLOG!!  This month's blog post is based on the topic: What changes have you seen in romance novels in the past decade? Is there a change in romance novel direction? Is there still a market for non-explicit sex stories? Even though I don't write romance novels, I do incorporate non-explicit romance in my mystery novels. Why non-explicit for me? My mom and my grandma read them! Seriously, I write to please a portion of my audience. That and I just don't enjoy writing explicit scenes...unless they are very well written. Cover your eyes if you loved 50 Shades, but I couldn't get past the first paragraph of Chapter One because of the writing. I'm not that much of a masochist. I want to read books I can relax and lose myself in. Don't get me wrong, I've read both romances and mysteries with sex scenes (explicit and non). If the book is well written, a surge of heat through the body is welcome

Round Robin Blog Fest April 2015

Welcome back to another edition of the Round Robin Blog Fest!  I've been absent from the tour for a bit due to other obligations, but now I'm back! This month's topic is:  What glues you to a story start to finish? And/Or what hooks do you use to capture your readers? What glues me to a story from start to finish are great characters and a plausible story line. If I'm not hooked into a book within the first page, I will put it aside - or toss it across the room as in some cases. Rarely do I force myself to read on unless someone has already read it and tells me it is worth it. Usually, it's not. A plausible story line to me is something that, while it may be a bit far fetched, could be possible. Improbable Possibility refers to a situation that is a possibility in the real world, but is extremely unlikely. A lot of movies thrive on this, particularly the older James Bond movies. I also appreciate a good story where I don't have to hunt to follo

Spring Has Sprung?

After a month of "extreme cold" weather days, I'm posting a picture I painted years ago just for a taste of summer! While we have had a lot of snow this winter, it's the bone-penetrating cold that has me the most down. In the past I would go tanning to take the edge off. This winter has been busy since September with my workload increasing at work, events, health issues, kids' activities, etc. Top off all the local insanity with the book I had due to my publisher March 1st and I've been a meltdown waiting to happen! I'm glad to say two great things have happened this past month. I got Book Two in my Yin-Yang Mysteries done! Woohoo! We are rebranding the entire series for a relaunch. What does that mean? It means all those copies of Death of a Jaded Samurai will be worth money one day. The new series will be called Gilda Wright Mysteries  and will soon have exciting new covers! It also means they books will have new titles. Sorry, no sneak pe

February Round Robin Blog Fest

GOOD MORNING!! Welcome back to another episode of: My apologies for disappearing for the past couple of months, between getting Book 2 done for Gemma Halliday Publishing and a few other things, I've pretty much been hiding in a cave! I promise you, the results will be worth it! If you are unfamiliar with the Blog Fest, grab a cup of tea and sit back to jump from author site to author reading their answers to the question: If you have (or even if you don't have) a bucket list, what top priority thing(s) do you want to accomplish? This made me think of the movie The Bucket List, which I thought was very funny and stirred both my mind and emotions. Aside from the movie,  I've been thinking about this question a lot lately.  Every January in karate class, we set our goals for the year. The three basic ones include: Something karate based, something personal, and one other. This year, like every year, my goals include earning my next belt and getting a book