Anne Scottlin releases Live for Joy


                                     LIVE FOR JOY

Anne Scottlin delivers fresh motivational insights and succinct morsels of philosophy to help inspire your practice of self-awareness and to cultivate a mindset of authenticity and joy. Paired with extraordinary art and photography, these inspirational messages create a visually stunning feast for the senses.

Whether you consume this book in one sitting or keep it close-at-hand for quick infusions of courage or moments of contemplation, you will find it an indispensable tool to support you in tapping into your best version of yourself.  


"One of this decade’s philosophers … Anne Scottlin’s words of wisdom come like raindrops on dry land."

—Mohammed Darweesh, Madrid

"Anne Scottlin is a thought leader of scope and depth, a role model of impact." 

—Anthony C. Gruppo, CEO, Author/Speaker, New York

"Anne shares her voice of wisdom in a time when so many people need that comfort and guidance. Her well-chosen words hold more power than ever before.”

—Julie Parker, San Francisco


ANNE SCOTTLIN is an author, consultant and specialist in emotional well-being. She leads innovative corporate training on work-life integration and individual fulfillment. A podcaster and influencer, Scottlin's popular Twitter feed draws millions of views a month and she produces a compelling weekly show. Her energy and enthusiasm attract clients worldwide to her workshops, retreats and her flagship program, The Power of Joy Transformation. 

A uniquely gifted teacher, Anne's singularity springs from the blend of her academic background, entrepreneurial experience, and unusual upbringing. She also draws from her personal quest for joy, self-actualization and global vision. An aesthete deeply inspired by nature, mindfulness and excellence, Anne's approach is one of compassion, honesty and high standards. 

Anne lives in Santa Monica, California, with her husband and two Mini Schnauzers. When she's not working with her clients or writing a new book she enjoys wilderness hiking, world travel, and recharging outdoors in her favorite hammock. One of her best kept secrets is that she is a Medieval history hobbyist with a special interest in medieval women writers. 

To request additional review copies or an interview with Anne Scottlin, please contact Mickey Mikkelson at Creative Edge Publicity: | 403.464.6925.    

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